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A Thousand Ways to Make $1000 in a Weekend

Updated on August 16, 2011

Your personal economic picture is in turmoil. You may or may not have a job, but two and two does not always equal four, leaving you short at the end of each month. Or maybe you want to accelerate how quickly you can save for retirement, or for your child's college education, or a wedding, or that big vacation. How can you get

You can surf the net for all of those "get rich quick" schemes, some are bogus, however a good many of them are legitimate money makers...just not as quick or as easy as you want them to be. So, how do you make quick money that you can use now, or save for that big ticket?

Go Offline

There are literally thousands of ways to make thousands of extra dollars...some in a weekend! But it takes some creativity, chutzpah, and savvy to pull off. You are going to have to forego watching some TV (or maybe use that DVR, Netflix, or Hulu), having that one last drink for the road (need to be awake and alert), and give up a lazy Saturday or Sunday here and there. People still want to get things done and they will pay for it. Here are some examples:

  • In my household, we do not own a lawn mower. We know someone who does. He charges $50 per lawn (more for a good size lawn) plus $25 for each quick handyman type work that is needed. We regulary ask him to weed our little garden, clean our low gutters (no ladder), and replace our outdoor flood lights for us. He does anywhere from 5 to 15 houses in a day, usually on Saturdays and Sundays. Taking an average of 10 houses a day that makes 20 houses. At the minimum of $50 a pop, he brings in $1000 on a weekend. This is not his full-time job (he works at a landfill working heavy equipment). He does this once or twice a month with his sons. part of their father/son bonding.
  • Yard sales. Yes, not Ebay, but good old-fashioned yard & garage sales. I have heard of one mom who puts on several per year and routinely brings in $500 per day of the yard sale. Inventory is self-created. As goods live out their usefulness for her family, she places a price tag on it and places it in a storage area in her garage. Same thing for her family's clothes. Then when it is time for a yard sale she just rolls it out. My wife has done something similar. She has helped clean out closets for family and friends, but instead of receiving payment for helping to organize, she takes those things that they are willing to throw out. And uses them for a yard sale. Now, when the yard sale is over, you can try to Ebay the remaining, or have Salvation Army or Purple Heart come and pick them up.
  • If you are crafty and creative (or know someone who is), you could also try your hand at creating arts and crafts and sell them at craft fairs. There are literally dozens of them in any given area of the country going on every month. They are usually held on the weekend. This may take some time to build up, but it is not unheard of to bring in $1500 at a show.
  • Marry someone! I read a magazine article about this woman becoming a wedding officiant to bring in some extra cash. It started out doing the occasional wedding here and there at $150 a pop (more depending on the level of customization). Word got out and more people sought her out. She later hooked up with a wedding venue (read:catering hall) and she is now booked out 5 months in advance!

Online to Create Passive Income

You are reading this on the net and thinking, but I want to make my $1000 a month passively. I want to create something online, have customers come to it, buy stuff, have it delivered, and have the money put into my bank account via PayPal without me having to lift a finger. So do I! That is why I am doing this HubPages thing. Making money online passively is not as automatic as advertised...nor is it as passive as advertised. You need to find the business model, or create the blog or website, or affiliate with the product that you want to be your muse first. Then you need to create and create and create...and market and market and market. An online business requires constant content creation and marketing. The hard part is not in creating what it is you want to sell, but to actually sell it! Over and over again. A lot of revenue sources can be automated (Google Adsense for one), but you still need to keep up with keyword optimization and content creation just to drive people to your site. You need to give them a compelling reason to keep them there, buy, AND come back to buy some more.

For this post, I will just stick to the offline ways that I have mentioned above.

Literally THOUSANDS of Ways

There are literally thousands of ways to make a decent supplemental income just on the weekends or part-time. I will follow up with other ways in future posts. I am also going to ask you in the poll below for ideas. How have you made extra money on the weekend or in your spare time. Is it still part-time, or has your inner entrepreneur helped it to blossom into a full blown business?

How Have You Earned Extra Cash?

What have you done to earn extra cash on the weekends or in your spare time?

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    • profile image

      me 3 years ago

      Landscaping is hard work. Your calculations are wrong. A landscaper has to travel from account to account, burn gas, put miles on his truck,which means pay for maintenance.also he is killing his tools with every job, which cost him money. He needs time to load and unload the tools for every account and he also needs to take few brakes overe the work day. So even if he managed to collect $50 from 20 accounts, his profit will be less than half of what he collected, especially if he is registered as a business and have to pay storage for his tools, insurance and so on...