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A smart move to success in life!!!

Updated on April 28, 2015

Smart moves to success!! The Art of Strategy

Lets learn what is right and discard what is wrong .
Lets learn what is right and discard what is wrong .

"why Not Learn What We Lack? "

Great minds have purposes !Rest have wishes only! that is to be fulfilled ,people who have the fire to succeed they have a driving force within them ,they overcome all the odds to reach their goals in life ,be it finance ,name or fame .They are supported by purpose in life ,they want to prove to themselves and the world that they can succeed in spite of all the odds ,to which they stick. Desire is the stepping stone to success ,if the seed of desire is sown it is followed by the sapling who fight to survive its environment and finally it grows into a full fledged tree which may provide shade and food to millions .

When people lack purpose and direction ,they lack opportunity,whereas, if a person has desire to accomplish something , he finds his direction and start a move on it to achieve his objectives and he is seen dedicated to stay focused ,he shows regularity ,discipline and hard work ,then only the success follows, if you lack all these traits no matter what you do you will never succeed .Its our character on which all else is built and is called the foundation to success .Successful people do not wait for miracles to happen ,they gather courage and strength to overcome their obstacles ,they are stubborn in nature ,they gather the ruins to give it anew shape ,they do not sit back and beat the bush or cry over the spilt milk ,weak wish and strong believe ,so just don't pray ,support it with courageous actions ,character and courage are critical combination for success .and this is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary person

Do you know ?courage is not void of fear ,it is full of spirit to overcome fear ?:)

A person needs character (full of justice and integrity and courage to make it effective) .In other words courage without character is oppression ,it may build delinquent behaviour and make you bully too. So if you want to pick the path of success ,then put the right ingredients to make a dish .once you are on the right path your practice will lead you to your goals .

Here are some tips which lead a person to success:--

  • Play to win a game ,not to loose it.
  • learn from others mistake
  • get in touch with people who have high morale character
  • Don't look at something for nothing it is waste of time
  • learn to give more than you get
  • always think for long term goals
  • give some time to yourself and evaluate your strength and use it as a foundation to act upon for uprising .
  • always keep larger picture in mind while making dessions
  • never compromise your integrety
  • never forget your past while looking ahead it give you strength to go ahead and remove all obsticale lying ahead to reach your final goals


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