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A day around the small island called Malta.

Updated on March 2, 2016
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Malta and Comino !

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Are you a teenager who likes to party? Are you a retired couple who would like to spend your savings in the best way possible? Well I introduce to you Malta.

As a Maltese life wasn't so easy to begin with, although I was born in the early 90's my country transformed after the WW2 when the Germans and the Italians decided to bombard us, well nothing personal but the English are the best of both three. Malta was a helping hand for the English and they helped us in return, be it the famous Convoy of St. Mary which according to my grandfather kept him alive and as a result of that, I am writing this hub.

In Malta we have a lot of sunny beaches among the nicest we have Pretty Bay, Golden bay and Ghadira bay. As part of the archipelago of Malta we also have three small island surrounding us. Gozo and Comino are the only accessible island as Kemmunett is illegal to step foot on.

Gozo is a very beautiful island which is very conservative and alot of Gozitans like to value tradition. They wear the ghonnella which is a type of dress usually comes in black colour which was used in the early 1900's and is still worn to this date. In able to go from Malta to Gozo one has to use the ferry which leave from Cirkewwa as in Gozo we do not have any airports. From Cirkewwa one can also use the ferry to go to Comino and visit the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a sin not to visit. I will post some pictures of this Blue Lagoon so you can know what I am speaking of.

Life in Malta is neither cheap nor expensive, most Brits consider it as cheap. I will post some examples and one can judge for himself. A night in an expensive 5 star high end hotel comes at a 120 euros per night and a night in a 3 star hotel comes at a mere 40 euros per night including breakfast. A meal in a medium restaurant will cost about 15 euros per person including drinks and Mcdonalds costs 10 euros per person including drinks. Buses are very frequent and they also make frequent stops, our main operator is Leon transport which is a Spanish bus line.

Well if anyone is interested in any more information about my hometown do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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