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A different way to reach goals

Updated on November 13, 2016


Quick Guide For Young Folks

Thinking Differently. What if someone told you that you would save thousands a year and invest 15%-20% of your income to grow money? The truth is this is possible. This is a great way to save money in your 20’s. Start out ahead of the game and not behind. You want to move out, move out when you purchase property and/or have a successful business of your own up and running.

Rent versus staying with family. You rent can range from $800-$1250 per month for a one bedroom apartment.(In states like CA,NY, DC,IL-rent is obviously much higher) What If you stayed with family and pay $400-$500 to the home owner for living expenses. That is a savings of approx. $400-$750 per month. You save money by not paying for cable, gas/electric, alarm, and water separately which can cost approx. $300-$400 on average. Limit your entertainment expenses. Fall in love with super cheap happy hours and set a limit of $20-$25 when you go out. Bring your lunch to work and you can save on average anywhere from $25-$40 a week.

Fall in love with groupon,creating loafing, and specials advertised in local newspapers. You can cook food at home, I promise it will taste great. If you aren’t a great cook start using youtube to prepare dishes or watch shows like G. Garvin to get you excited about cooking flavors and aroma of good food. Pay for your bag and go to Aldi’s, chicken is usually reasonable and learn to watch for store advertisements for specials. Find your local farmer’s market and load up on inexpensive food and goods that are good for your diet: broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, squash, green-beans and greens are a good thing. The simple things to change your life. No poppin bottles, you aren’t being filmed on reality t.v. No reserving vip to hang out. Remember you are too old to pay money to get into a club. Sign up for vip or get there before charging if you must go. Please keep in mind the more you party the more you tend to over-spend, waste time, and draws you away from your goals. Live below your means, invest and save for the future because life surprises often come at the least convenient times.

Discipline yourself sexually, partying is not your priority. Am I advocating celibacy? That would be the goal. Realistically sex and partying are the biggest distractions of young people, such activities cloud your judgement and create distractions from reaching your goals. When you are planning to financially succeed you are setting wealth building strategies in place for the benefit of your future generations, no time for spontaneous creations and distractions from reaching your goals. Govern your body and practice discipline and you will have the ability to stay focused on gaining financial knowledge, educational goals, and business pursuits. Temporary satisfaction should not come at the expense of building and fulfilling your mission. Any man/woman that you engage must be on the same path as yourself-no excuses. You don't have time for sob stories and "get over" people that attempt to b.s. their way through life rather than engaging in activities designed to increase their mentality capacity and build wealth. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH PLANNING YOUR LIFE, IT TURNS OUT BETTER THAN LIVING FRANTICALLY TRYING TO MAKE THINGS WORK.

Make the Right Decision About Your Career

"Now is not the time for you to work for money. Now is the time to work for what you want to do/be" - Suzie Orman

Pursue what you love. Pursue what you love. Did I say pursue what you love? Work in your field, put 1000% into the career and build your career. You are young and you have your entire life ahead of you. Pursue a career and not a paycheck. There are so many people that chase a paycheck and they are miserable. When you pursue a career you put your all into it. You want to learn more, you want to become involved in the industry, and enthusiastically you contribute to the work environment and climb the corporate ladder. If you know the business, build a reputation then you also put yourself in the position to run your own business on or before the age of 30.

From Being Broke To Excellence

Plan Your Life

Being broke and living beneath your potential is not acceptable. Reject the thinking that financially secure/successful people are bad or evil. Be careful of mentality passed on by those who have failed teaching you to stay on the lower/ground level with them. Lies.

Write down your goals. Stay focused, make a plan, then execute that plan and your life will turn out amazing. Keep your desires to yourself. Not everyone, family or otherwise, are in your corner. For some reason people with low self-esteem and low opinion of themselves despise those that have the ability to believe they have a great destiny. Everyone around you is not in your corner.

*Here is a tip that I practiced. I wrote down 3 cars that I wanted (reasonable cars, not a porsche) on a notecard and placed them on the bottom of my mirror. Everyday preparing to take the bus to go to college my morning would start with me getting dressed and seeing my next steps first thing in the morning. Psychologically it was affirming my actions were going to move me forward into getting one of those 3 vehicles on my list. Focus is everything when attempting to reach goals. Distance yourself from those engaging in foolish behavior and distractions to their success for if you hang out with then you will be in their same position.

You are the author of your life, you do not have to repeat bad patterns set by those before you. Do differently. You can have anything you want so don't tell yourself you don't deserve great things. Read and study those that have overcome adversity or pursued careers successfully that you want and follow the formula. Life can be so simple if you allow it to be.

The most successful people are those that place value on knowledge and pursue this desire to learn, making it their priority to win by implementing what you’ve learned.


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