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ATM Products and How They Serve You

Updated on July 2, 2012

ATM Paper Products

You might think that on each trip to the ATM, your receipt is simply a convenient document for your banking records. To be fair, this is definitely the most practical way of using an ATM receipt and it certainly comes in handy for millions of people who use an ATM regularly. However, there are many more advantages to using ATM products like ATM receipts and many people don’t even realize just how many great features these simple documents have. The ATM paper roll business has come a long way as far as the inclusion of new and exciting technologies in recent years, and customers are the ones who get to benefit from such advancements.

ATM receipts are fairly straightforward documents on the surface, but they actually have several built-in security features that are extremely important. These receipts can be printed in a special way that leaves a unique watermark on the paper. This helps customer to know that the ATM receipt paper is authentic and removes the chance of counterfeit copies being made. In addition, the rolls are printed in a way that obscures parts of your secure information through the bank, such as your debit card number or your PIN. These are very important features that ensure that, should someone happen to get a hold of your ATM receipt paper in some way, they won’t be able to break into your bank account because they won’t have sufficient information.

In addition to the security features built-into this ATM product, ATM receipts also feature color and double-sided printing that allows for better images and clearer text. Your bank can have their color logo imprinted onto each and every ATM receipt paper, which makes it easy to distinguish where you received that particular document when filing for your records. In addition, the option to print on both side and with better clarity allows for more information to be included on a smaller piece of paper. The clear printing on ATM receipt paper is especially important now that many banks are printing images of deposited checks onto their ATM receipts.


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