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Arizona Public Assistance

Updated on August 28, 2011
Arizona Public Assistance Programs
Arizona Public Assistance Programs | Source

Arizona Low Income Assistance - AZ Public Assistance Info

In the State of Arizona, the Department of Economic Security (AZ DES) is responsible for administering public assistance programs within the state.

These public assistance programs include TANF, Food Stamps (AZ Nutrition Assistance), and Arizona's version of Medicaid, which is called AHCCCS.

If you have low income, and you are struggling to make ends meet in Arizona, you should learn more about the Arizona Public Assistance programs, and find out if you may qualify to receive assistance.

The Department of Economic Security makes it easy for low income applicants to apply for assistance at either their numerous physical locations or online at

AZ EBT Card (AZ Quest Card)
AZ EBT Card (AZ Quest Card)

Arizona Food Stamps - AZ Nutrition Assistance - AZ SNAP

The maximum amount of Arizona Food Stamps benefits (Arizona SNAP) a family of three can receive is capped out at $408 per month.

AZ food stamps are delivered on an Arizona Quest Electronic Benefits Card (EBT Card) on assigned days throughout each month.

AZ Cash Assistance
AZ Cash Assistance

Arizona Cash Assistance

The maximum amount of Arizona Cash Assistance (AZ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)) a family of three (or household of three) can receive is capped at $347 per month.

$347 per month may seem like a low amount of money, but always remember that cash assistance is meant to be a temporary solution.

In Arizona, there is a lifetime time limit of 60 months for an eligible family to be able to receive cash assistance benefits.


Arizona AHCCCS

In Arizona, the medicaid program is referred to as AHCCCS Health Benefits (AHCCCS is pronounced "Access").

Like most medicaid programs in each state, members/recipients will have to choose from several AZ AHCCCS Health Plans which include:

  • Apipa
  • Care 1st
  • Health Choice Arizona
  • Maricopa Health Plan
  • Mercy Care Plan
  • Phoenix Health Plan
  • University Family Care
  • Pima Health Plan
  • Bridgeway

Members can log in to to gain access to information about benefits, make changes to their accounts, and request AHCCCS ID Cards.


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