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Advertising for your garage sale

Updated on November 28, 2012

Yard sale advertising


Garage sale signs

Driving traffic to a garage sale is an important part of having a successful garage sale. Here are some tips on advertising that will help draw the crowds to your sale.

Signs can easily be made by attaching poster board to a tall wooden steak and driving it into the ground. Be sure to check for local regulations on where signs can and cannot be placed.

A box could also be used for signs. Just tape or glue a piece of paper to a box, write your sign, and put it on the side of the road with a rock inside to keep the box from blowing away. Some people make signs on paper bags, use a heavy insert to keep it from blowing it away, and staple the top of the bag closed.

Put up signs that look similar to each other. If you have a path of the same green (or whatever color) sign along the way, people will know they are still headed in the right direction. If you live far, put up extra signs along the way.

Lettering on signs should be big enough to see while driving. Nobody is going to want to stop and squint, or even get out of their vehicle just to read what your sign says. Most people won’t bother. So make the letting large enough for people to read. It’s a good idea to check the sign from the road just to be sure it is readable.

Be sure to take down signs once your sale is over. I can’t stress this enough. Some places will even fine you if you leave up your signs too long.

If a portion of your sales go to help raise funds for an event or a charity, have a sign that lets people know that. You may even get some donations to the cause.

Other methods of advertising is a great free place to advertise. Be sure to mention the main items that you will have at the sale. If you have a car for sale, definitely include that. If someone is looking for that specific model of vehicle, they will be able to see it upon performing a general search, even if it’s in the garage sale section. If you list clothing items, be sure to specify what size and gender they are for. This goes for tires as well – mention the size in the ad.

If placing an ad in your local paper, place it a couple of days in advance of your sale. All you need is the date(s), time, street name, and block number (4800 block, etc). If you put your house number, you may have early birds coming even as early as the previous day (I’ve heard of it happening)! Also, if you don’t want early birds, be sure to mention it in the ad. Again, include some of the main items that you will be selling.

If you have crafts or other homemade items, sell them! Homemade items are good sellers. If local laws allow it, you could even sell food, water bottles, or pop at your sale.

These are just a few of the basics to advertising for your successful garage sale. For information and tips on the basics of planning your garage sale, setting up and organizing, pricing items, or what to do with your leftover garage sale items, please be sure to check out my other articles.

If you have any tidbits of advice about having a successful garage sale, please share in the comments.

Wishing you much success with your garage sale!


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