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Aldi Supermarket Grocery Haul

Updated on October 29, 2017
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Aldi Supermarket grocery haul

Aldi supermarket grocery hauls are a pleasure to bring home and put away in the kitchen. I think that you'll agree. You will be very pleased with some of the great deals that you can get at Aldi and bring home in your own Aldi supermarket grocery haul. Aldi supermarket is a very efficient store with an innovative set up. It's a pleasure to complete grocery hauls at Aldi supermarket. For customers, the grocery shopping experience at Aldi is such that upon parking your vehicle, you'll walk up to shopping carts near to the automated sliding doors of the main entrance of the Aldi supermarket. In order to take a shopping cart to begin your shopping, you must insert 25 cents in order for the shopping cart to be released from its chain lock. The 25 cents is refundable when you return the shopping cart. In this instance, you might end up interacting with other patrons of the Aldi supermarket because on many occasions, when you are returning your shopping cart to its holding place after loading your groceries into your vehicle, you might be approached by someone who has 25 cents in hand to give you & would rather just take your empty shopping cart before you return it to the holding place. This saves both parties some time from walking extra distance or fiddling with the shopping cart locking device. When shoppers at Aldi supermarket get the shopping carts this way, it is said to help Aldi supermarket's efficiency, budget and bottom line. Aldi stores don't have to hire employees who spend time gathering shopping carts to put them back in their proper places. When shopping at Aldi supermarket, I find that this is one the methods that makes very good sense for the supermarket and is really not unpleasant or frustrating for the customers.

Now, once you have your shopping cart and you enter the Aldi supermarket, you will find even more cost cutting methods that help the Aldi supermarket's bottom line. Customers are always reminded that lower costs for the store help to keep the Aldi grocery bills lower for the customers as well. Employees at Aldi supermarket are also able to receive more fair wages. It is said that the salary for cashiers at Aldi supermarket is higher than average for supermarket cashiers. The cashiers also work very, very swiftly to keep the line moving fast. Their pace must be kept so quick that they must be mindful to not break bottles, eggs or other breakable items that they scan.

Aldi Supermarket Grocery Haul

Among those additional cost cutting methods taken at Aldi supermarkets, you will find that the layout of the store involves opened shipping boxes containing products being placed directly on store shelves. For example, bags of potato chips or bags of veggie straws are not taken out of the warehouse shipping boxes and stocked individually on the shelf for display. Instead the entire box is put on the shelf and the box has a generous opening for customers to pull out the quantity of individual potato chips bags or veggie straw bags that they desire. This also means that less employee time will be taken up for stocking Aldi supermarket shelves.

Aldi supermarket grocery haul

I enjoy grocery shopping at Aldi supermarket very much. This is especially true during the summer months when certain delicious fresh fruits are in season and the Aldi prices for them are low. Among the greatest deals on fresh fruits that I've ever gotten at Aldi supermarket are

  • Large whole watermelons for just $3.99 each
  • Strawberries for 99 cents per container

For these particular deals, I was pleasantly surprised. I found those prices to be unbeatable, amazingly low.It takes a bit of strength to reach into the bin and lift the large watermelon that you pick out to put in your cart and go home and share with your family, but it is so worth the price. With this, your whole family has generous servings of fresh delicious fruit for several days.

More on my grocery shopping list for Aldi supermarket

Other items that I love to buy at Aldi supermarket include:

  • plain / original potato chips or plain potato chips with ridges
  • Vegetable straws
  • 12 Oz bottles of iced coffee in assorted flavors (were $1.49 each when I last shopped at Aldi). The tight sealed glass bottles have a nice presentation and they are on shelves, not refrigerated in the Aldi store. At home, they can be kept in the cupboard and then placed in the fridge for chilling shortly before drinking.
  • Large case of Welch's juice assortment (grape juice, orange juice, apple juice) for $12.99, averaging 50 cents per bottle.
  • Packages of small boxes of Apple & Eve brand juices with Sesame Street characters such as Big Bird featured on the boxes
  • Large packages of Jasmine rice at very low prices such as $4.99 versus $7.99 at some other supermarket chains.
  • Milk, eggs, yogurt and cheeses including gourmet cheeses such as gouda cheese, all at very fair prices.
  • Brown rice pasta
  • Boxes of fruit snacks
  • Good prices on raw meat for cooking, especially whole raw chickens and raw chicken wings
  • Cucumbers and broccoli
  • Onions
  • Bags of potatoes

These have been my favorite items for purchasing at Aldi supermarket in my various typical Aldi supermarket grocery hauls.

If you would like to visit the Aldi supermarket website to see what the latest weekly special sale prices are before you head out to go shopping at Aldi, the website is

Shopping bags at Aldi supermarket

Aldi supermarkets do not accept manufacturer's coupons but the grocery prices are low and when you have completed your grocery shopping experience, you will feel satisfied. You can purchase lots of food items for your family and keep your weekly grocery bill under $100 easily. When going through the Aldi grocery checkout line, keep in mind that you will either have to take out your own reusable shopping bags or purchase some reusable shopping bags at Aldi. You can also purchase sturdy plastic grocery shopping bags from Aldi for around 10 cents a piece, a bit more for the well insulated bags that keep cold food items very cold for the trip home to the refrigerator. Sometimes, some emptied shipping boxes are available and offered for customers to take to pack up their Aldi groceries.

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© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 months ago from Houston, Texas

      Aldi is one of the stores we frequent. They may not have everything on our list like the larger grocery stores do but we regularly purchase eggs, avocados, vegetables and other items there. Their prices make it a worthwhile shopping experience.