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All About Keywords

Updated on August 14, 2009


As far as all my other posts go I've tried to be as precise and to the point as possible while making it easy to understand. I will still have a lot more to cover as far as SEO goes but for now it's time to go over Keywords.

Anything that relates to your site is a keyword. My site is called How To Make Money With Your Website Or Blog so those nine words represent nine keywords I use when I need to enter keywords. The best thing to do is try to be as creative with your keywords as possible. If your site is called go immediately to the tallest building you can find and jump.

That's why when you do decide on a name for your site you have to "think beyond the box." You'll have a much better chance of being ranked #1 if you have a website titled When thinking up a name for your site try doing searches first to see how and if your name comes up.

Once you have decided on your domain name and bought and paid for it do a search for keyword help. There are some sites out there that allow you to put in your sites name and it will give you a complete list of keywords.

You can also use more than one word for a keyword such as "How to" or "make money." Use your best judgment because the right keywords are going to get you ranked higher by the big Search Engines and the higher you rank the more traffic you get which bottom line means more money in your pocket.

Here are a few websites that can help you with your keywords.,,,


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