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All In One Submission

Updated on August 8, 2009

All In One Submission

All In One Submission

I've always been a fan of C-Net. not only because there's a lot of free ware but you get great reviews, from cell phones to Plasma TVs to anything computer related. Computer need optimizing? Head on over to C-Net and go to the download section where you'll find selection after selection of optimizers with reviews and each one is graded from great to don't bother.

Now with all free-ware there comes a price and that is you have to be careful what you download. There's lot's and lot's of viruses out there not to mention spyware but C-Net has you covered. That's way I didn't hesitate when hearing about a little program called All In One Submission. All In One Submission is a very reliable download that takes your URL and all your other pages and submits them to hundreds of search engines.

I had to give it a try since I have a lot of readers from overseas and there are alot of search engines in every country. The download itself took a little over 2 minutes and once it was done all it took was a little of reading the instructions to be able to get it to work.

And work it did. My URL's were submitted to over 100 different Search Engines in a little over a minute. Now how long would it have taken me to do it manually? Probably a few hours at the very least. It tells you where they are submitting them to, the status of the submission and whether it's accepted or not.

Out of my 300 or so pages it accepted them all and that's not the best part. They have a spider that will crawl your site and pick up and enter each individual page of your site. Now this is not free-ware. If you want the full program it costs somewhere in the vicinity of $25.00 otherwise you only get the trial version.

The trial version worked seamlessly and it gives you updates as to when to check those particular search engines to see when they've included yours as well as where they rank you. What more can you ask for. I'm going for the full version as there are extras galore that are well worth the price.

As far as Google and Yahoo and the like, you only get them with the full version but most of us have already submitted our sites to them anyway so just the thought of getting all these other search engines and everything that goes with it, well it's worth the price. Check it out at Also, under the Download Section type in backlinks and you'll find quite a few Backlink programs. i didn't have time today to check them out but you can be sure I will tomorrow as I suggest each and everyone of you do too.


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