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All Star Team

Updated on February 22, 2015

Building a good team of people around you is key to winning financially. I like to call these people the All Star Team. Your All Star Team should be people who are either doing better than you or at least attempting to do better who constantly encourage you strive to achieve your goals. This could be the deciding factor between if you actually stay the course and succeed versus giving up and returning to normal.

You do not need to have people in your inner circle who are always pressuring you to do things that are not in line with your financial plan. If you had someone that you excessively shopped and partied with and now you are trying to cut back and save money, chances are you may need to reassess the boundaries of that relationship. Holding on to unhealthy relationships will cause you to lose a healthy relationship with your finances. This is why it’s so important for singles to take the rose colored glasses off before they marry. Your spouse is you main team member. Statistics show that who you marry is the most important factor that determines how your financial life will turn out. If you do not like the way your future life partner is behaving financially then you should not marry them. (And I repeat that you should not marry them!!!) If you are not ultimately on the same page with your financial goals you will end up arguing over money (no matter how good looking they are).

Ask yourself the following questions about the people who have influence in your life.

1) Do they support your decision to get financially fit?

2) Do they help you become better financially?

3) Do they give sound advice?

4) Do they have a poor person’s mentality?

5) Do they have your best interest at heart?

If you answered unfavorably to any of these questions about anyone in your inner circle then maybe you need to reevaluate that relationship. Some people are thinking “But I can change him/her?” My suggestion will be for you to share with the person and see if they are open to getting financially fit with you. If not, this does not mean you must cut them off but it does mean that your relationship with them needs to have clear boundaries so that they do not destroy your financial future.


1) What relationship(s) do you need to redefine so that you can thrive financially?

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