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Am I experiencing Burnout?

Updated on April 22, 2011

If you have read the hubs that I have posted, or look at the ones that I have published, you’ll see that I have my finger in quite a few different topics.  I have come to the conclusion recently that I need to try and streamline my operations and figure out where the best opportunities are and let go of those that are not working out so well for me. 

I find on several of these things I am experiencing some burnout.  Its not that I necessarily don’t enjoy them, but I have gotten to the point that I have done so much of it that I no longer want anything to do with it.  I think with some of them, I just don’t want to work on them due to the fact that the pay is low and it can be depressing to do the work and only make a small amount of money.

For instance, some of the writing I have done.  It’s not hard, but for the amount of money that I make from it, is it really worth the time that I have to put into it?  And then overall, the amount that it adds to my bank account at the end of the day is not really a lot.  Some of my writing sites are pretty decent in that regard and I plan to stay with them and keep working on them, but some of the others, I’m not really too sure.

Add this onto the consideration of going back to school and my direct sales business which I am trying to revive; I wonder if writing is going to have to go to the backburner when I have nothing else going on.  Again, this will depend on the site.  Some are more forgiving than others in regards to when you have to work or how much you have to do with them each month.

That said, I am looking to make extra income.  My direct sales business is truly the best chance for extra income simply due to the amount that I can make with it in an hour versus writing.  But the events are not a given and you could do an event and end up making only $10 for a variety of reasons.  I have had one or two events where this has happened, and its not just the time you spend doing the party but the time preparing for it, printing out information or the giveaway or catalogues that you end up using. 


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    • jdavis88 profile image

      jdavis88 6 years ago from Twitter @jdavis88hub

      Totally agree... Finding exactly how to get the best mixture of enjoyment and pay/time ratio can be very frustrating... With some of my hubs, it seems like the more work I put into them, the less traffic they get.