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The fuss about Amazon coupons - is it worth it?

Updated on February 20, 2012

Searching for a bargain on Amazon

Whether you are a savvy online shopper or an e-business first timer, there is one thing that you would both like – low prices and a reliable seller. Concerning the reliable online seller, I believe there is no match to Amazon or Ebay massive, large – scale, multinational electronic commerce companies. Both e-commerce retailers have the world wide popularity and the lowest prices you will ever find. Plus, given the opportunity to look for the used and still quality stuff paying as low as few cents, you will most probably end up addicted to the Amazon website for a life time.

It usually pays off to get a bargain of brand new golden or silver bracelets and ship them right to your home.
Even if you find out that the item doesn’t suit you (wrong color, size, manufacturer, etc…) you can always apply for a refund, just do it within 30 days of delivery. If that’s not possible and you can’t return it – why not sell it for the same or higher price, especially if you made a good bargain using the Amazon coupons. I even know of some guys who make a living searching for and buying low priced items through Amazon and selling them for a double price in their own websites outside the US. Their advantage is the people unaware of the Amazon site and its jaw opening extremely low priced offers.


Ever used coupons for Amazon?

There’s even more to shopping in Amazon – the super cheap bargains using Amazon coupons. Do you know that Amazon applies the so called coupons or discounts for many products it sells? You must have noticed the greenish caption “your coupon book” with a “clip this coupon” button under some products. What about your Amazon order summary window with a small area on the right side, where you can enter the promotional codes? It begins with the words ”have any gift cards, gift certificates…” Didn’t pay attention to that either? Well, you should from now on, because otherwise you will just be wasting your money paying 10, 20 even 30 % more than you should. The price on the may really look tempting from the first look, but it’s even more thrilling when you apply the right Amazon coupon codes.

Where can you find the Amazon coupons codes

If you’re wandering how to find Amazon coupons, there are several options here:

1. Sign in the and look below the product price. You may notice a small area with a “clip this coupon” button. Just make sure, you’re signed in, otherwise you won’t see it.
2. Use the Amazon coupon book in the Amazon website. Browse through the categories you’re interested in most and click on the items you want to buy. The discounts will be applied on the checkout.
3. Use the websites dedicated to finding the Amazon coupons for you. I would personally suggest visiting the – they have pretty stunning coupon offers.

Why would you want to come back?

Finally it’s not just the item you buy that calls it a day. It’s also the shopping experience you get that makes you come back for more with higher quality and cheaper price using the Amazon coupons.


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    • profile image

      Zara 5 years ago

      Same Here.I've been a customer of Amazon for over 6 years and I'd say I still love them.They have the best customer service.

      As to Amazon coupons I always check at and

      If you are looking for Amazon coupon and deals then these could be helpful.

    • rich_hayles profile image

      rich_hayles 6 years ago

      Fantastic information! Who doesn't love a bargain?

      I've shopped on Amazon for at least 5 years now and still keep going back for more.