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American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins

Updated on March 12, 2011

The American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are accepted in almost all of the major investment markets worldwide, in addition they are an excellent hedge against the economy’s rising inflation. one of the worlds most popular coins, the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins hold the distinction of being one of the most purchased and traded coins in the entire United States of America.

The Bullion Coin Act was introduces and authorized the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins in 1985. Making these coins the only bullion coins which the American government guarantees for metal content, purity and weight. That guarantee by the government makes investors secure and confident when purchasing these coins. Because of that, American eagle gold bullion coins are currently one of the worlds’ most popular coins and secure gold investments.

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins
American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins

American eagle gold bullion coins were established 350 years ago and are created from 22 Karat gold which is the commonly used metal in gold coins. However, the coins’ actual value usually depends upon the current market value of their gold content, not their face value.

The design on the American eagle gold bullion coins’ reverse side depicts a male eagle which carries an olive branch over its nest. The nest contains a female and hatchling eagles. On its obverse side a lady liberty is depicted holding an olive branch in her left hand and a torch in her right hand. These design features make the coins attractive to both investors and collectors.

Many have an interest in purchasing gold coins, however they don't know where to find and buy these American eagle gold bullion coins. Metal dealers carry them and offer one method of finding and buying these coins. Metal dealers can be found in a couple ways. The first option is offline where an interested party would need to travel between shops in order to ensure getting a fair and good deal. There are many metal dealers around and one would need to visit many of them to compare pricing and gain information. The other option is to shop for gold coins online. Yes, you can conveniently seek and buy gold coins online from a variety of online metal dealers. Just be sure to do research on the sites and dealers you intend to purchase from.

The online method for buying gold coins is typically best for ease of finding information and making price comparisons on various gold bullion coins. Find the item you seek, research vendors and compare prices to get a deal you are comfortable with and grab the coin/s that you want. You can save money, time and still get the coins that you want. Knowing your options it is now just a matter of doing a little research to find your ideal vendor so you can begin investing in American eagle gold bullion coins.


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