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Protect Your American Express Login - Important Tips

Updated on January 26, 2011

Keep Your American Express Login Info Safe

This Article is will give you some tips to protect your American Express Login information from online scam artists, phishing attacks etc. I am writing this because of a similar problem faced by my sister when someone stole her identity in order to get a credit card issued in her name. Being naive, my sister made some basic mistakes when managing her American Express Login Account and the whole purpose of this piece is to show you guys some simple tips on making sure that does not happen to you. These tips apply not only to your American Express Login account but to any other banking accounts you may have online.

Online Banking - Boon or Curse?

The rise of the internet and online banking has certainly made conducting banking business very easy for most people. It has become easy for anyone to access their account online in order to get their account balances, payment due dates, payment information etc. It has also become easy to now apply for credit online without actually being checked very thoroughly. Remember the days when credit card companies would send you those pre-approved cards? They were falling over themselves to issue credit to all and sundry. This was the time when scam artists had a field day because every time a credit card was issued, the sales person got a fat commission. So everyone wanted lots of people to have credit cards. It was also ridiculously easy to get housing loans, student loans, credit, and even insurance.

Tips to Protect Your American Express Login

But like my sister, a lot of people who got these credit cards were not educated in their careful use. So here are three simple tips to protect you from credit card fraud.

  • Protect Your American Express Login Information – I cannot stress this enough. If you have a credit card and you go online to pay your bills or to check your account activity, you should set up a hefty password. Your password should be a combination of capital and lower case letters, numbers and if your credit card website will allow it, it should also contain special characters like @#$. This makes it difficult for someone to break into your account and steal your information like your American Express Login Information.
  • Do Not Use Public Computers for Banking Work – If you can avoid it, you should never use a public computer such as the one in your local library for banking work. It is very easy for anyone with rudimentary computer knowledge to install a key logger on any computer to reveal your American Express Login details.
  • Never Answer an Email That Asks for Your American Express Login information – Have you ever received an email that asks you for your credit card or bank’s login information? Financial institutions will NEVER ask you those kinds of details via email because email is not secure. Heck, even when you call them, they ask you a whole range of questions before they give you any information, so why should they all of a sudden want to conduct business with you via email? No, even if they email comes from your credit card or bank’s email address, never ever send out any account related information via email

So there you go, now I hope your American Express Login information is more protected. Follow these simple and basic rules and you will be safer and happier.


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