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If I Won An American Lottery

Updated on June 3, 2015

What would you do if you won the lottery today?  How would it change your life?  What would you buy?  Where would you travel?  This hub will provide, mainly for fun, a look at what I would do if I were to win an American lottery today.  If you are so inclined to let your imagination run wild along with mine, feel free to add your lotto dreams to the comments below.

Day One - It All Begins

 On day one of my lottery dream, this is all after I have flown first class to my state capital in order to receive my huge fake check.  In reality I would take the annual payments option, but I will, for the purpose of this hub, assume that I am taking a lump sum of let’s say $50,000,000.00 USD.  So here I am after depositing $50 million waking up in my regular middle class house.

9:45 AM – I call in to work to let them know that I will be taking my two week vacation early this year and that I need some rest and relaxation.  Boss agrees and asks how is life now that I’ve won the lotto?  Great, life is just great.

10:00 AM – With a mouth full of pancakes, I make my first phone call to my Father to ask how his fantasy team did this past weekend.  After small talk, I ask my dad who the mortgage company is that has been robbing him all these years.  He tells me not to do anything stupid with my money, so I tell him I won’t.  I hang up the phone with my dad, and call the thieves at the mortgage company and pay off my parent’s mortgage.  I follow this up with student loans for myself and my sister.  Ahhhhh, no more credit card debt either.  Then I call my own mortgage company and pay of my families own dang mortgage.  Customer service representative does not think it is funny when I ask for my portion of tax dollars to be returned that her company received in the bailout.  All in all, by lunch I have paid off two mortgages and have a full stomach.

12:30 PM – I decide to go to lunch at one of those really nice places I never get to go. I take my wife with me and we order the most expensive things on the menu. I decide that I should probably pay off the cars while I am at it and on the way home I call the banks and pay those junk piles off. Must get home soon, Uh oh, fifteen minutes to Judge Wapner.

2:00 PM – After Judge Wapner, I call my mom and tell her thank you for all the advice she has given me in my life. Like going to college, now that I am a lottery winner, I am going to use my degree 10% of the rest of my life. I decide to call pool company and ask them to come by and build a pool. Must be able to swim on these hot days. After begging wife, I get permission to go to the nearest dealer and buy my dream car. Cliché I know, but man I have always wanted to feel the vibration of a Ferrari acceleration pedal beneath my foot.

3:30 PM – I swing by the school to pick up my kids in my new Ferrari to the ooohs and ahhhs of the needy little children. I realize that buying a Ferrari was a little over the top, but what else am I supposed to buy with all of this money?

4:30 PM – I go to Best Buy and purchase the largest mother #&^$*Q television you have ever heard about. Of course it will be 3D FULL HD 1080P and every other “P” on the market. After getting this thing home, I realize I will need a bigger house.
6:00 PM – Discuss bigger house with wife/boss and determine that it might be a good investment to buy a bigger house. This will wait for tomorrow, but in the mean time investments sound intriguing. I decide to start researching business franchises to buy and what types of absentee business are available in my area.

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 7:00 PM – Dinner with wife and the kids.  Golden Corral baby!  Where else can I get my money’s worth?

8:00 PM – Home for a late night movie with the kids and the wife.  Ahh, this is the life.  New car, new fat television, paid off the mortgage.  Now time to throw in “Heat”, the greatest movie of all time.

9:00 PM – Tuck the kids in to their little beds and tell them how proud I am of them and how much I love them.

10:30 – Retire to the bedroom with the lady of the house and light a few candles.  Mattress caught on fire due to candles, so I realize tomorrow I will have to go buy a new bed.

Winning the Lottery Video

Ever wonder what it feels like to win the American lottery? Here is a short video of a lottery prank pulled by some guys on their friend. I won't give away the secret, but this video is really funny. The guy actually thinks he has won the lotto jackpot. There is some language on this so it may not be kid safe.

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    • wsupaul88 profile image

      wsupaul88 7 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Cool Hub! I would pretty much do all of the same things if I won the lottery!