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An Overview Of Newberry South Carolina For Thrift Shop Shoppers

Updated on January 4, 2010
Newberry South Carolina Is One Of The More Interesting Places To Visit In South Carolina With Some Great Thrift Shops.
Newberry South Carolina Is One Of The More Interesting Places To Visit In South Carolina With Some Great Thrift Shops.

Thrift Shops In Newberry South Carolina

Have you ever been to Newberry South Carolina. Its one of the more interesting places to visit in South Carolina for Thrift Shops and Yard Sales especially in the summer months.

The Newberry Opera House has been a part of Newberry for well over 100 years. The Opera House was built in 1882 and underwent a vast remodeling in 1995.

Newberry College with its 90 acre campus is one of the best colleges in South Carolina with over 800 students in 2007.

The Newberry County Historical Museum is one of the best museums in South Carolina and it has a lot of really interesting things for you.

Newberry South Carolina has recently seen some growth and you will find some really great restaurants and cafes in Newberry South Carolina.

One of the more interesting things I found in Newberry South Carolina was ghosts. Newberry South Carolina is supposed to be one of the most haunted cities in South Carolina. Click Here to check out the ghosts and haunted places of Newberry South Carolina.

But I really do love to shop at Thrift Shops and Newberry South Carolina has some really great Thrift shops with lots of really interesting items for sale at low low prices. I find some really unusual finds in the Newberry South Carolina Thrift Shops and I bet you can to.

If you click the name of the Thrift Shop you will be taken to more information and a map showing you exactly where that Thrift Shop is located.

Below are the Thrift Shops of Newberry South Carolina.

Palmetto Thrift Store 2881 Main Street, Newberry, SC (803) 321-0012

Unto the Least of Thee 2437 Wilson Road, Newberry, SC (803) 321-1141

Goodwill 1931 Wilson Road, Newberry, SC (803) 321-6020

Shop Around the Corner Thrift 1510 Main Street, Newberry, SC (803) 321-0596

Variety Shop   101 Service Drive, Newberry, SC (803) 405-0406

Mule Mans Trash Barn 739 Saint Marys Church Road, Newberry, SC (803) 276-0745

And those are the Thrift Shops of Newberry South Carolina. You'll find all kinds of unusual items at great prices at the Thrift Shops of Newberry South Carolina.

Tip's For Shopping At Thrift Shops

1. First of all you really need to try to get them to negotiate on prices. And some really good times to try to get them to negotiate on prices is on Saturday afternoons or when you know that the item or items have been in the Thrift shop for a while.

2. Go Thrift Shop Shopping when you know you have the time to shop. You'll never have as good a shopping experience if you have to rush. So plan for several hours of shopping time when you go Thrift Shop Shopping.

3. Be sure to check out any clothing items you purchase well to be sure they really are in as good a shape as you think they are.

4. Take batteries with you when you go to Thrift Shops so you can see if an item really does work. Keep a small plastic box in your vehicle with 4-6 of each batter type so you can check items out to see if they do work. Keep 3-4 kinds and sizes of screw drivers in the same box to be able to open battery storage packs or etc.

5. Make you up a kit to take to Thrift Shops or Yard Sales with you. That kit should contain a good magnifying glass , a magnet to check to see if jewelry is real or plated junk , and a cloth measuring tape to check the size of pants especially if the label is missing or cut out.

6. Keep a small book and pen in your kit in number 5 to make notes about the Thrift Shops such as sales days , hours of operation , or other notes you may want to make.

7. If your going to a lot of different towns and cities to Thrift Shops and Yard Sales your going to want a Tom Tom or other GPS device so you can easily locate places or locations you might otherwise have trouble finding.

If you visit the Thrift Shops above or you know of another Thrift Shop in the area please post a comment below and tell us about it. If you visit one of the above Thrift Shops please write a review about it in the below comment section.

Please Post Your Comments , Tips , Questions or Suggestions about Newberry South Carolina Thrift Shops below now. Let us hear from you soon.

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    • profile image

      Cherry Keaten 7 years ago

      I own a shop in Newberry, sc, It's KC's Discounts at 3102 College Street. I would appreciate it if you would come see us and put us on your web page.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Newberry does have a lot of history that I find very interesting. I did a series of Ghost and Paranormal Videos about the college in Newberry.

    • Russell-D profile image

      Russell-D 8 years ago from Southern Ca.

      Long before you were a shopper, as a UNC undergrad playing weekend gigs to pay for school, I once did Newberry, but we're talking about the l940's, long before all these shops made the scene. Can't remember much about the town, it's part of a whirl of weekenders covering a number of years. What I do remember was - while I was there - loving the South of the day. And night.

      David Russell