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Anime and Manga Shopping for Dummies, Never pay Retail Price!

Updated on March 11, 2019
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Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing videogames.

Anime, you are Expensive, Ugh! Wait A Minute, that's a lot Less Online!

As anime fans, we always like to collect our favorite DVDs, manga, posters, wall scrolls, figurines and CDs, and merchandise. The problem is that anime, manga and especially figurines tend to be expensive. You look for a series you really, really enjoyed and then you go to Best Buy and see the price tag and think “That’s way too expensive!”

Brick and mortar stores do tend to have the prices a little higher than an online retailer. It depends on the anime and whether or not you can put up with waiting or if you absolutely must have it now. If you buy it at a retail store you might pay a higher price plus taxes but if you buy it online you might have to pay shipping charges, it all depends on what you want to do.

Source bargains!

For online users, there are plenty of sites to buy from; has a lot of anime in stock either from them directly or through third-party sellers. If you’re buying from third-party sellers make sure to check their feedback, I’ve bought from third party sellers and it was a mostly good experience, but I would not buy from any seller that has less than 98% on their seller feedback for their storefront.

If you’re buying directly from Amazon your DVD will most likely be over $25.00 and is eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping + tax. It takes about five to seven days to ship, but it is pretty fast and since you don’t have to pay shipping that does help a lot.

But what if you don’t want to spend thirty to twenty-five dollars just to get free shipping? Funimation has a great line of DVDs that are under $30 on Amazon, Funimation's S.A.V.E. Titles has many good anime titles listed there, one of them I can definitely recommend is Ghost Hunt, it’s a very good anime about paranormal investigators and it’s very well done. But as a warning, it’s highly recommended to look at user reviews before spending money on a series.

There are also great anime like Ping Pong: the Animation, Robotics;Notes, Romeo X Juliet, and XXXHolic.

You can also check out Amazon’s Anime Bestseller List to see what is selling well, you might find something that you’ve been wanting for a lot less on the bestseller list.

If you’re interested in manga titles, you can look at the Comics & Graphic Novels Manga Bestsellers to see if there’s something you want to get. Just be aware of the Yaoi label as it means boy’s love in Japanese and is about a romantic homosexual relationship, reader discretion is advised.


RightStufAnime's Many Specials and Deals! is a very excellent online retailer for anime, manga, wall scrolls, figures and other merchandise. Not only does RightStuf have a sale on their front page from a different company every few weeks, they have a bargain bin, daily deals, and weekly specials as well.

Also, make sure to check on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas as they have sales on holidays too!

RightStufAnime is a good site because they have many good deals. If you spend over $50.00 and you live in the U.S., you get free economic shipping. If you live in Canada and you spend over $249.00 you’ll get free shipping to Canada. They also ship internationally, but you’ll have to pay higher shipping rates. If you just buy under $50.00 it’s $4.00 shipping with an extra $1.00 per item. It’s a very good online store and they have a wide selection. It’s a great site to buy anime from and it also ships in a well-protected packaging.

You can find good deals on RightStuf and for thrifty anime fans; you can find plenty of bargains. A good thing about the site is that if you pre-order from them, you usually get the item before it hits retail stores.

Real DVD VS. Bootleg DVD Comparison:


Spotting Fraudulent Bootlegs, Because they're Everywhere!

Anime fans are always looking for inexpensive merchandise. Sometimes people take advantage of people who want to buy anime but don’t know the difference between a bootleg and legitimate merchandise.

Anime bootlegs will usually come in three-disc sets for 26 episodes. Most anime DVDs do not cram so many episodes on each disc. The quality of the DVD case is poor and the artwork looks like fan art put onto a DVD case.

The video encoding his horrible, due to the fact that they try to cram so many episodes onto one disc. The subtitles are awful and have typos. They also copy, verbatim the English dub, which legitimate releases are never exactly the same as the English dub because of the language difference and they usually have Chinese subtitles on the discs as well.

Also, most legitimate anime DVD releases have a company logo on the front, the side and the back. Many bootleg DVDs only have one logo and they also do not have a summary of the story on the back of the case like legitimate releases do.


Funimation Has Sales Too! also has sales on their website. They might not have the best discounts but with Aniplex USA taking back many of the licensees you might want to pick up some Aniplex titles before they go out of print. I have gotten some really good deals from too. They also have sales throughout the year, so click here to check them out.

How to Spot an Anime Bootleg:

Don't Forget to Check Websites on Holidays!

Make sure to check all the anime websites for if they're having a sale. Also make sure to check often for sales, especially during holidays. Also, remember to check the internet on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for sales too.

Funimation, RightStufAnime, and Amazon often have various sales throughout the year. You can also follow their Twitter feeds and watch for different sales that they'll announce on Twitter.

You should be able to find what you want for your anime collection just keep an eye out for those sales everyone!

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