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Anno 1777: Making Money while Gaming

Updated on December 27, 2011

Anno 1777

Monopoly Money to Real Money

Do you remember your days as a child, or perhaps more recently, spending good times with friends and family, playing a classic board game like monopoly? You spent hours perfecting your strategy, acquiring resources, and gambling on economic ventures. May you would buy that hotel on Park Place?

What about the ultimate thrill of victory? Seeing the gamble pay off; or your-well planned strategy executed. Watching the coffers of your friends deplete; and your own money and assets grow. Soon, you had control of the game board, and victory was yours.

Yet, at the same time, other than friendship and entertainment, this game left you with nothing. After playing, your hard-won cash went back into the box; and you no longer were the billionaire hotel tycoon you dreamed.

What then?

That, my friend, is where Anno 1777 picks up. Anno 1777 is so much more than just a game of monopoly, its a full virtual world experience that never ends. Your virtual assets grow, or sometimes die, but there is always room to try again.

And, to add profit to your pleasure, if you make enough money; you can withdraw it from the game in Euros. The game makes its money by a few select features which are optional, and a small tax on any deposits made. Thus, the game is designed that the majority of the deposits feed the economy, and can be used in the economy, or taken from it.

What exactly is Anno 1777?

Anno is a simulation of the world, albeit somewhat limited, in 1777. The game focuses on major social and economic simulation; while there is some limited military simulation. Companies compete over marketshare, nations fight over resources which companies consume, and politicians balance company and individual taxes with incentives to attract immigrants and encourage work. All the while, the media plays a viable role in watching and reporting on all three.

Whether you dream of being a military leader, an industrialist, a politician, or your own Mikael Blomkvist; anything is possible in Anno!


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    • tammyfrost profile image

      Tammy Frost 6 years ago from Oregon

      I just played monopoly with my daughter. Thanks for this hub.