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Anonymous Digital Cash with Visa Simon Giftcard

Updated on December 28, 2011

I'd like to be able to live only with cash. Unfortunately it's hard to get by without a credit card these digital days. The closest I can get to digital cash is a prepaid anonymous VISA Simon gift card that I can swipe online to pay my Netflix bill and at Whole Foods to get my weekly batch of organic vittles.

Visa Simon is the card that meets all my needs but I did quite a bit of research before deciding.. You can check out all the players at Here's a list of the other cards I looked at:

Since I wanted a form of digital cash - the card needs to be anonymous. The issuer shouldn't require personal information; SIN (Canada), SSN (US),, driver’s license, passport, birthdate, or phone number Ideally.

And I often travel and want to buy the cards with cash. I need an issuer with many convenient locations.

Your prepaid card will eventually run out of funds. Some cards let you add funds to your existing card, also known as recharging or reloading. If you want to use the card to pay for recurring bills like Netflix or Vonage, recharging is definitely preferable to buying a new card, since the new card would have a new number. Without the recharging feature If you used the card to pay any recurring bills, you’ll have to switch each of those services over each time you buy a new card.

This is the biggest requirement the card should work like a normal Mastercard, Visa, or Discover card, without exception. I want to be able to use it anywhere those cards are accepted hassle-free.

I'm cheap. I hate fees. A minimal activation fee is grudgingly acceptable, but no monthly fee and forget about a transaction fee.

Simon gift cards. You can load the card with up to $500. They don't require any personal info. Note you can attach any name or address to the card to enable merchants to do AVS checks.You can even purchase the card online. Their web-interface is fast and friendly.

Simon gift cards are the closest I've come to digital cash.


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