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Another Penny Auction that will Remain Nameless - Is it Worth the Trouble?

Updated on October 21, 2009


We'd love to show you the site, but...
We'd love to show you the site, but...

Note: The auction site really exists. However, the name of the site has been redacted from this hub because the Terms and Conditions posted on the actual site are so threatening.

<NameWitheld>.com is yet another entry into the penny auction niche.They have their own way of dealing with recalcitrant bidders, as we shall explain shortly.

The first struggle we faced was dealing with the domain name. It's a little long and does not appear to make sense if you try to break it into English words. Perhaps if we add some capital letters we can find some meaning:


That didn't help. No clue on that front.

Anyway, bidding costs money and all auctions are new items The opening bid is always a penny. Except when it's not a penny. There are some other unique types of auctions described on the site, but none of them seemed to be running at the time.

<NameWitheld> is similar to RockyBid and BidCactus. The home page includes a set of screen widgets that ostensibly list items currently up for auction. There's a message imploring you to hurry up and bid since " these auctions are about to end". All the timers were over 1.5 hours, with the longest timer set to over 5 hours. Unfortunately the timers weren't updating, nor were the bid amounts. We pressed F5 (refresh) repeatedly but nothing changed. We were using the most current version of Firefox under Windows XP. Perhaps you must register and log in if you desire real-time action?

The 8 items up for auction were interesting; Sponge Bob Wii game, Wilson Football, Olive Garden gift card, Guitar Hero for xBox, Jung Fu Pando for Wii, Lowe's gift card, and a 500 piece poker chip set. Five of the items were stuck at 1 cent. The Olive Garden gift card had rocketed to 7 cents and the Sponge Bob Wii game rested at 2 cents. If you have a moment, check the site and report back here to let us know if the auctions ever update.

There were items up for bid, but we've decided not to show them to you.
There were items up for bid, but we've decided not to show them to you.

Caveat - Terms and Conditions

We did find a very Interesting paragraph in the Terms and Conditions. Actually, the word "interesting" may be an understatement. According to the <NameWitheld> web site a member who disputes any charge from PayPal or <NameWitheld> Auctions will be held in breach of contract and will begin to incur charges at a rate of $500 per hour to a maximum of $5000. <NameWitheld> promises to refer these breaches to a collection agency if payment is not made within 5 days.

That's a steep price for a little penny-based entertainment bidding. Don't mess with the people who have your credit card number.

Bidding costs ... well, we couldn't find it. Honestly. We tried. Perhaps you need to register in order to see the fee schedule, but registration obligates you to provide your name, address, and telephone number. After reading the Terms and Conditions page, we were extremely hesitant to provide such information.


Stick with RockyBid and BidCactus. The entertainment factor is equivalent, without the threatening legal jargon.


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      curious 6 years ago

      What is the name of the site?