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Apartments and Villa's how they make Money.

Updated on February 14, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Count the Flats [ This is one of 7 Towers.]

Can you count the Flats in the picture.

Fresh Paint,Fancy Looks,Awesome Security

Bangalore is a Garden City.Silicon Vally,Garment City,Builders Paradise,Hot Hot Hotels,5 Star Hotels,5 Star Hospitals,Politicians Playground and Capitol of Karnataka.There is no scam here but great smuggling of minarels even gold and dimonds.Water is stolen,Power theft keeps going even under the nose of those in charge of gaurding the national wealth.Corruption is contineous and comon in every govt organization.

Our Home Makers cheat us left right and all around us.They charge per sqf square feet that is 12" x 12" = 1 square feet or 144 sq inches but give us 11.75 x 11.75 = 138.0625 sq inches which is less by 5.9375 sq inches.

If you purchase a flat of 1850 sqf it should be 925 sq inches but it will be less by 0.242526%.which is equal to 76.28 sq inches.That is your Flat will be actualy 1773,72 sqf.

You pay assuming the Flat to be 1850sqf, Rs.78,00,000 lakhs.

Rs.78,00,000 divided by 1850 sqf = Rs.4216.22 per sqf.

Rs.78,00,000 divided by 1773.72sqf = Rs.4397.54 per sqf.

Rs.4397.54 - Rs.4216.22 = Rs.181.32 per flat if the builder builds 5000 flats he gets a invisible profit of Rs.9.00.00 lakhs.This is over his 25% profit or more he keeps

This is one such area imagine the cost reduction of quality of materials used in construction of flats which includes other areas like plumbing,sanitary,electrical s,roads,flooring's,doors and windows and so many things on which he can earn money.The profit margin reaches perhaps even 50% or more.Which means he builds 50 flats and gets 50 flats free.

Have you measured your flat with a Civil Engineers 100 ft Tape.


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