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Apps To Earn Some Passive Income

Updated on August 27, 2015
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A high school student trying to earn a tiny bit of money from writing on Hubpages.

All apps mentioned in this article:

  • Slidejoy
  • Perk
  • Swagbucks TV Mobile
  • Apptrailers
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • iPoll
  • Fronto
  • Screenpay
  • Adme


Slidejoy is a cute and simple little lock screen app, it's unobtrusive and doesn't spam you with ads or annoying notifications beyond the lock screen itself. I've been using it myself for about 4-5 days now and have made a little over 80 cents, you do not get paid any more or less for clicking on the advertisements, simply use your phone as usual.

There is however quite a long wait to cash out the amount you earn, the newly earned amount becomes redeemable on the 1st of the next month, and then there is another 2 week wait until you actually receive it.

For those that are worried about privacy issues, well, simply don't download it, but remember that companies probably already have access to quite a lot of information on your phone already.

I've used this app for six months and cashed in twenty dollars. I love it.

— Anonymous

Perk Unlock and Win


Perk TV and Lock screen

Perk TV is one of the many perk apps among its family, it's a video app that you run on your phone, for every ad you receive one perk point, be advised that for a five dollar gift card it can take quite a while to earn enough points. A thousand points is worth one dollar, five thousand gets you a gift card, each ad is a little over a minute long, so lets say 1point/min. Most perk users leave their phones on all night or whenever it is not in use, truly dedicated perk users even buy multiple cheap phones and run the app on all of them 24/7.

There are also other ways to earn perk points, there is also Perk Word Search, Perk Scratch and Win, and of course Perk Unlock and Win, which is another lock screen app similar to Slidejoy.

And if you are wondering, yes you can run both Slidejoy and Unlock and Win at the same time. You simply need to install and run both apps, sure you will get a double lock screen but it only takes a quick swipe to unlock each one.


Swagbucks TV Mobile

This app is part of the Swagbucks website, similar to Perk TV just leave the phone on with the videos running and you'll earn swagbucks after every video.

I haven't personally used this app but I am a member of Swagbucks and I did once redeem 2 gift cards from them.

Do you use any of these apps?

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Apptrailers is another rewards app where you receive points for downloading or watching videos on your phone, which can then be redeemed for gift cards. I have not personally tried this app myself but it seems to be one of the more popular ones.


(click column header to sort results)
Easy setup
Spammy with Ads?
Quick/easy earnings?
Relatively easy if using the website as well
Long redeeming period?
I did not include Apptrailers as I have not used it myself.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app from Google, once you sign up and configure your account, it takes about a day for Google to start sending you surveys. The surveys are pretty legitimate, however Google only pays in play store credits, which allows you to make purchases from the play store credit.



iPoll is also a survey app much like Google Opinion Rewards, except they also have missions, such as going to your local grocery store and taking pictures of products.

Other Passive Apps!

Other passive apps that pay with gift cards or cash:

  • Fronto, Screenpay, and Adme are all lock screen apps that reward you for using your phone like usual similarly to Slidejoy, however none of them are available in Canada.

Be innovative!

  • Another way to make some passive income is to make an app yourself!
  • Why not start writing a blog? Or create a website
  • Create YouTube videos as well and use AdSense the same way you would on your on blog or website

© 2015 Noshin Rahman


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