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Are There Any Better Google Adsense Alternatives?

Updated on October 10, 2011
Google Adsense
Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular advertising network to make money with but does that mean that Google Adsense is the best advertising network to make money with?

Google Adsense first disadvantage is you cannot insert more than three ad units on your pages. Google is not being smart here, Google wants long articles and with a very long article you still have a lot of free space you could use to insert ads.

Google Adsense second disadvantage is you never know how much you will earn with it since it does not disclose the price per click.

The biggest disadvantage Google Adsense has is you cannot choose what ads you will see on your website. There is no option to disable contextual ads and select the ads manually from a list of keywords. This means, not only you may be showing ads from your competition, you also cannot avoid showing ads that are bad for your business.

Google is not the only player in town

Google Adsense is far from being the only player in town. There are dozens of competitors that most people do not even pay attention to because, since everyone else is using Adsense, then it must be the best. This reminds me about the browsers. The worst browser is the most used: Internet Explorer.

One major competitor is Amazon Associated. There are many people saying that with targeted products you can earn more money with Amazon than with Google. Amazon ads are more beautiful and more likely to be clicked and have a much higher conversion ration than Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is pay per click just in theory, if your clicks do not convert, Google will reduce your price per click down to one cent per click!

With Amazon your clicks must convert into sales. That's easy, Amazon is the most trusted brand in the world when it comes to online shopping.

Another great competitor is Bidvertiser. The official site says top publishers are earning 500$ a day, that's 15.000$ a month and 180.000$ a year! In less than six years they will be millionaires.

Compared with Adsense, Bidvertiser has less ads and sometimes there will be no ads for your site, but Bidvertiser pays much more per click than Google Adsense. I have several ads paying me 8$ a click, something I never had with Google Adsense. The CTR is a little lower than Google Adsense but when you do the math, Bidvertiser pays more, especially when your ads are about money making opportunities, everyone clicks and buys money making products. You can add just three units but you have the advantage of being able to use giant units that are two times bigger than Google Adsense ads, thus making you more money since the exposure is greater. You can combine Google Adsense with Bidvertiser to see which one pays the most. There is also an even better solution, that is to rotate Adsense and Bidvertiser, then keep the one that pays the most.

Adbrite is another great advertising network that could be better if just they had more ads on the site. They try as hard as possible to get more advertisers but people are blind with Adwords... even though Adwords is many times more expensive than Adbrite cost per click ads. I had several ads paying 100$ per click! I had these ads more than once! It was not one in a million or once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have a good money making website, you can have these ads on your site as well! Adbrite biggest advantage is you can insert up to six units of ads on your site and you can list up to 99 ads on your site. If you have a huge site like Wikipedia, this is perfect to monetize as much traffic as possible. Adbrite beats Google Adsense and Bidvertiser in terms of intelligence, you can see the stats for all ads, even how many times they were impressed, clicked and how much each ad made you!

Tribal Fusion is a network for top publishers only. You need to have at least 10.000 unique visitors a month, sometimes they change the rules and you need more or less visitors, but the general idea is you must have a high quality website to show their ads. The Cpm is greater than Google Adsense and you can place up to three units on your site, making you about the double as Adsense does because more units does not mean a lower Cpm overall.

Advertising dot com is the best advertising network because it has a 100% filling ratio but that comes with an entry of 20 million page views a month requirement! Only elite publishers will have that many page views.

There are many other advertising networks that make as much money as Adsense. The only reason Adsense is the most popular is because Google is one of the most well known brands on Earth, if that was not true, Adsense would not be the most popular.

Adding the best advertising network to your blog or website alone will not make you rich.

You still the traffic to make money from it.

To get a lot traffic you need millions of articles and news on your blog.

You need "unlimited" news and articles on your website or blog.

The best article directories all have more than one million articles and the top article marketeers explain you need to combine quantity with quality. Quantity alone will not make you rich neither will quality alone.

Automate the advertising process as much as possible. This is where Adsense shines, all you have to do is to paste the code on your site and Google takes care of the rest.

With other advertising networks you need to choose categories and products by hand...

Finally you have the option of running in house ads. In house ads means you do not have to share anything with the middle man but that means you will have the highest amount of work in your hands like coding the system, accepting payments... everything is done by you.

If you manage to get a good advertising network of your own and if you already have a huge blog, that may be viable, however maybe the time you will spend maintaining that in house advertising network is better used writing content.

Are there any other smaller Adsense alternatives?

Yes there are, but none will make you a serious amount of money because they are too unstable. Maybe you remember Widget Bucks, a site that placed beautiful ads on your site. They closed down their business about a year after starting and they did not pay me!

Smaller networks are not likely to be out there about a year from now and if you insert ads manually on each post that means a lot of time wasted changing the ads.

A rule of gold is to use content management system like Wordpress or Blogger to manage the advertisements easily.This way all you have to do is to change just two or three ads and the rest of the blog will be affected as well.

Do yourself a favor, try to become a premium publisher with as many page views as possible. Even the best article writers after years of work cannot do it, can you?

For Bidvertiser you need 5 million page views to become premium.

Google Adsense wants 20 million. wants 20 million.

Can you do that?


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