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Are You Confident to Say That You Have the Best Life Insurance?

Updated on April 23, 2012

Do You have the best Life Insurance?

Often times, people tend to get confused between best health insurance and best life insurance policies. When we say, health insurance you are to avail of this in times of sickness or accident were the insured remains alive. On the other hand, life insurance is mostly claimed upon the death of the insured individual. But both of this two depends on the age and health condition of an individual.

With the life insurance, the basic policy tells us that the younger and healthier you are the lesser monthly premium you will pay. This means that you are most likely to get a good insurance coverage if you have no pre-existing sickness or health conditions. If you are fresh, young and healthy individual as you read this, you may want to consider getting a life insurance of your own. And for your guide, let me give you some techniques in finding the best life insurance policy for yourself.

1. Assess yourself – Check if you have a good health condition by examining yourself or visiting your family doctor for some tests. If you are young and healthy, then it is the right time to apply for your health insurance. In some insurance companies, they give lower premiums to younger insurers rather than those who are older.

2. Assess your needs – Are you a family person? Do you have a wife and children? Are you earning enough and have a stable job? These are just some of things you need to consider before getting a life insurance. If you are single and have no children, most likely you will not need a life insurance. On the other hand, having a wife and children is an advantage on your part since they will be able to benefit from the claims upon your death.

3. Choosing the right plan – The appropriate plan for you depends on several factors like your income, the number of children you have, your monthly expenses, debts if there is any and the kind of lifestyle you currently have. The insurance consultant can assess you and tell which plan best suits you needs. Considering these factors will help you find the best life insurance for yourself. Just be ready for the documents needed to avoid delay and incomplete information.

4. Ask for the details – Before signing a contract or agreeing on the terms and conditions of the policy, please make sure to know the important details such as face amount or how much your beneficiaries will get once you died, premium which refers to the monthly fee that you should pay for a certain period of time and the length of coverage or how long you will be paying.

5. Can easily make changes – This means that you can easily request for a change on your beneficiaries should you find it necessary. Some insurance companies do not allow making changes and this is not a good indicator of a best life insurance company.

6. Business performance – Make some research regarding the financial status of the insurance company. It is very important that the insurance company is stable and earning high revenues to put your mind at ease.

7. Customer service – Having a good pre and post customer care is very important. Be observant on how your insurance broker talks to you during the discussion of the policy and even after you have signed a contract. The broker’s behaviour should remain constant all throughout the whole deal which shows sincerity about the sale. In times of emergency cases, you should be able to contact them for resolution.

Whatever type of life insurance should you decide to have, just bear in mind that it is the appropriate one for you. Money is not that easy to earn nowadays and so we should ensure that it will be put in a good insurance so that when the right time comes, you will be able to depend on it. Looking for the best life insurance policy is never easy so let us be meticulous and detail oriented in finding one.


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