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Are You Entitled To The Western Union Class Action Lawsuit Settlement?

Updated on February 5, 2014
Western Union Class Action Lawsuit
Western Union Class Action Lawsuit | Source

What Is the Western Union Class Action Lawsuit?

The Western Union Money Transfer Class Action Lawsuit Settlement refers to unredeemed funds that have been involved in a Western Union money transfer between 1st January 2001 to 3rd of January 2013. In other words, this lawsuit settlement defends the rights of individuals who initiated a money transfer through Western Union during the given period, but never redeemed the relevant funds and have not been refunded yet.

As a result, a Class Settlement Fund was created, estimated at around $180 million, which Western Union may be liable to refund to its customers. The lawsuit nominates Western Union liable to refund the funds from the money transfer if the customers have not been notified about their unredeemed transactions.

Who Is Entitled to The Western Union Money Lawsuit Settlement Refund?

Western Union customers who have initiated money transfers in the United States between January 1, 2001 and January 3, 2013 but did not redeem their funds within 60 days.

Some of these customers may have already been notified via mail as the Western Union records indicate the transactions took place during that period, but the funds were never redeemed.

Western Union Money Transfer
Western Union Money Transfer | Source

The Western Union Money Transfer Lawsuit

The lawsuit is claiming that Western Union deceived its customers by not informing them in a timely manner that the money they've transferred via Western Union were not redeemed by the other party.

Whilst the Court has not made a decision on whether the international firm has indeed broken the law and Western Union pleads not guilty of any wrong doing, the The Western Union Class Action Lawsuit continues.

Here's an article I found online with more information regarding the Western Union settlement here.

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What Are the Customers' Legal Rights In The Western Union Class Action Lawsuit?

1. Customers can submit a claim form to receive a payment from the settlement. These claim forms and the deadline for them will be confirmed upon the Court approval of the settlement.

2. Customers who decided to opt out of the settlement had to do so by 15th of March 2013. Here the customers will no longer be entitled to the settlement benefits but they can still keep their rights of suing individually regarding claims of the settlement.

3. Customers had the legal right to object or comment on the settlement, in writing, by May 15, 2013. However, only customers that remain in the Class retain this legal right.

4. June 14, 2013 was last day when the Western Union customers could attend a hearing to speak with the Court and discuss the fairness of the Western Union Money Lawsuit Settlement.

5. Western Union customers who are eligible for the Western Union Money Lawsuit Settlement refund, but do not take any action on it, lose any legal right to receive the refunds or sue on their own in regards to the settlement.

For further information and questions regarding the Western Union Class Action Lawsuit, the Settlement Administrator can be contacted at 1-877-316-3151.

FAQ For the Western Union Money Transfer Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Who is delivering this class action lawsuit?

The lawsuit will be delivered by class representatives, such as Yamilet Rodriguez, James P. Tennille, Robert Smet, Adelaida DeLeon.

They will sue and pursue the claims of all other customers that are eligible to this settlement refund.

How is the class action lawsuit ruled?

In the case that the class action settlement is approved to proceed, the court decision will apply to all class members, such as people eligible to this settlement refund, unless they exclude themselves.

Will I be notified about it?

The Court authorized for a notice to be sent out and those who received the notice in the mail where the ones that appeared to be eligible to the settlement based on Western Union records.

Where can I found more about this Western Union settlement?

Here is another article I found, check the entire website as they've got quite detailed information.

Other Legal Actions Western Union Is Involved In

It appears that the company has been involved in further action as it faced scrutinity in regards to its money-laundering controls.

A Wall Street Journal article points out that following a $94 million settlement with Arizona, in 2010, Western Union committed to improve it's controls for anti-money-laundring. However, a review in July 2013 resulted in Arizona's general attorney to conclude that the measures put in place by Western Union were not sufficient.

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here


Please note that I do not have first hand knowledge on the Western Union Class Action Lawsuit or other legal action Western Union may be facing. This article is based on in depth online research with the sole purpose of informing the reader.

Do You Know About Western Union Lawsuits?

If you have any knowledge on the Western Union Class Action Lawsuit of any other legal action they may face, especially that may affect Western Union customers, I invite you to share it with us in the comments section and spread awareness.

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