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Are You a Practical Shopper? Tips and Tricks You Might Be Missing Out

Updated on February 28, 2016
A woman shopping.
A woman shopping.

Being a practical shopper does not mean that a person is only conscious about the price of a product. It’s not only the “how much” that matters actually. And, this is one of the common misconceptions that needs to be addressed. In truth and in fact, a shopper is being practical if he or she considers the overall value of a thing more than the cost or whatever.

Value, in this sense, pertains to what the product is about, what it can offer, what it is made of, how long has it been in the market, what are the awards received, how it is made, what it can deliver and how long it will last when the consumer uses it. And, this list is not inclusive. There are still more that anyone can add just to make sure of its real value. We are talking about the performance here.

Now, given all that you have to consider, what are the ways to know a product’s real value? All regular shoppers have their own shopping techniques, and that is great. After all, practical shoppers are among the smartest people in the world. The problem, however, lies with that same method. They do not exhaust all possible ways to ensure that the product is of excellent value in its category.

And so, below are some of the tips and tricks for their reference before shopping.

Talking About Quality

In terms of quality, research is very important. First and foremost, you go online and search. Go to the product’s website and check the description, along with the claims provided. Take note of everything “good” about it.

Next, find reviews. Do not just settle on the testimonials found on the product’s website itself. Be aware that some of these might be fake. It is common nowadays, for some brands or companies to pay people to put positive reviews about their offering.

So this goes to day that the number of reviews does not really reflect the quality of the product. But you can try to scan over some of the statements as there are also real customers who wrote there.

You then find personal blogs talking about the brand. You will know that the blogger is serious about the content written if there are substantial number of real photos provided proving his or her claim.

Shopping online.
Shopping online.

Talking About Efficacy

The effectiveness can be determined by personally asking the people who have used the product. There is no better way to prove than taking note of their own experience on it. In the language of marketing, this is what we call the power of recommendation or word of mouth.

Go and talk to your friends. Check to see if they are using it or not. Find anyone whom you can get some real proof. Ask about the advantages as well as the disadvantages. What are the benefits they got? On the other side, what they don’t like about it. Be very specific with your questions.

If you are interested to know about the effectiveness of a skincare brand, for instance, your queries should relate to this. And of course, don’t forget to ask about the effects’ duration. In other words, how long you have to wait to get that smooth skin or whatever.

A woman talking over the phone.
A woman talking over the phone.

Talking About Authenticity

There are many fake products out there. And sometimes, it is very difficult to notice if what you have is the original or not. Most of the time, it’s almost as if the original. That is how scammers have improved these past few years.

As the technology grows, their techniques also evolves. So how do you know if what you bought is the original or is authentic? It’s very simple. You only buy it from their list of accredited shops or distributors. It may be a bit more expensive, but you’re assured of the stuff’s authenticity.

Checking out a list.
Checking out a list.

Talking About Savings

Well, there are many ways today that you can lessen your expenses, and thereby, save extra. Number 1 is to compare prices. Sometimes you will be shocked that a provider actually offers a much higher price than the other does. There are actually websites able to compare and contrast products. Just check and see. Google is your go-to friend when it comes to this.

Number 2, check for on-going promos or sale. At the end of every year, almost all shops offer a wide sale. Also, at times, they give discounts to first time customers, to bulk orders, to participating credit card companies, and more, so feel free to ask them.

Number 3 and actually the most amazing is watch out for discounts aired on TV. This is otherwise called teleshopping. You just watch your favorite TV shows and be attentive with the advertisements. You can take down notes and order later on through their partner teleshopping website.

Shopping promo codes or coupons.
Shopping promo codes or coupons.

So, have you been doing the methods above?

Before you go shopping, do you go and check whether the product is of high quality, effective, authentic and of the best price in the market? Now, you know how practical shopping should be done.

Which of the following have you been doing before shopping?

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