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Do you like earning money in exchange for good articles?

Updated on November 19, 2015

The Downside of Writing OnLine

Writers like to earn a reasonable amount for their articles. It keeps them motivated.

The ones who left certain sites did so because they were not paid for their articles They left because they were just not earning any real and substantial revenue.

The sites that keep running on the momentum of the writers provide motivation to the writers. The writers, along with ad revenue, are the only way a good writing site can maintain substantial earnings.

It's no all about ad revenue and Pay Per Click aka PPC. But it helps.
There is a demand for quality, originality, relevance and readability not to mention good substantive content.

Online writing and earning good revenue is important for the site owners and is also important to the contributing writers of that site. Success largely depends on SEO aka Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, the level of readability of the articles is important to the writing site's success. From my own analysis of posts I wrote for Bubblews I was given a score that indicated that their readability index score was good in that any 6th grader could easily read and understand the article.

I took this score very seriously. The average reading comprehension level of online readers is reported to be at an 8th grade level. That means that when you or I read something we have the reading comprehension of an 8th grader.

When a writer uses social media sites to get likes that is not a true measure of them as a writer. Many people who write on Facebook have a 5th grade writing skill or worse.

Spammers and plagiarizers are the main reason most writing sites have failed after months of building up membership and writer participation. The thing that motivates people to abuse a writing site is the lure of easy earnings. They might think themselves quite clever when they copy and paste other articles not their own to get a few likes and comments but they soon are found out and they get removed from the site by the owners. The only problem from this is the eventual bad reputation a site generates from all of the spam and copied documents that are always having to be deleted by the site owners.

So how does a writing site succeed? It has to establish first a reputation for being a good source of online information, good SEO and ads that relate to content in each article, a good following by loyal site members and a persistent interaction among the writers. The main thing that causes sites to fall is being unable to fulfill the obligation to pay the writers so they will remain loyal to the site and continue to contribute. If a writer is promised a certain amount of earnings in a reasonable length of time that writer will continue to provide new content but moreover, that writer will be joined by others and the number of participants on any given writing site will increase and with that, the overall profits for both the writers an the site owners who provide good feedback to their devoted writers.

Writers sometimes get lazy and start writing about what they had for breakfast or show pics of their pets. This becomes more like Facebook and less like content writing. That is why many sites like Bubblews failed. The content dried up and was replaced by bad writing and dull subject matter as the writers who were not getting paid left the site for good and deleted all of their content, leaving far far less for others to work with.


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