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Atlanta Real Estate Investment Training

Updated on January 18, 2011

Finding Deals in HotLanta

Day One, Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I arrived in Atlanta to work with Jamy Vanderwoude and Jason Amash, our Atlanta area 1:1 Real Estate Investment Trainees.  Jamy picked me up at 9:00 am and we drove to the nearby Panera Bakery to get started.  We discussed his current business, the deals that he had completed, along with what he was in need of as well.  Jamy was in the need of some social networking to keep his deals flowign in and finding buyers.  We discussed several ways that he could expand his network.  We did several things including:

Joined several (four) Facebook Investment groups (over 2500 members)

Joined three Atlanta groups (over 500 investors)

Posted three Craigslist ads for private money

Identified a potential part time online assistant

After posting these items, we identified five joint venture partners along with finding over 20 wholesale/rehab deals for us to evaluate.  After finding these deals, we made phone calls and set up appointments for the following:

Two local, full-time investors

Two local wholesalers

Five local hard money lenders for REO's and Notes

Appointment to meet with Jamy's realtor

RSVP'd to attend the local real estate investment club meeting

Along with scheduling and identifiying properties and appointments, I also showed Jamy and Jason how they could utilize Craigslist to find properties, investors, and private money.  We identified several potential local investors through the, which we planned on tackling the following day.  

All in all, day one was a success with several appointments and over 20 potential deals to evaluate.  The remaining three days would be filled with finding, funding, and flipping deals.

Day One Video Wrap Up

Day Two, Atlanta Real Estate Investment Training

Day Two, Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday started off with Jamy and Jason picking me up and we headed out to meet their realtor, Cara Caldwell, with Re/Max.  Cara was a very knowledgable realtor who had already worked with the guys on several deals.  We discussed buying criteria and areas of interest for them to be investing in.  We enjoyed the visit and then headed out to get started.

On the way back to Panera, we stopped and filmed a video testimonial on one of the deals that Jamy and Jason had closed on netting them over $33K in profit!  After taking a quick video, a few photos, we headed to lunch.

After lunch, we arrived at Panera and set to work on working on private money.  I first helped create a Hubpages and YouTube website along with linking them all into their existing Wordpress blog to help drive traffic to their websites.  After focusing on this, we spent the rest of the afternoon finding private money.  We used so me of the following techniques to find Jason and Jamy some wholesalers and private money:

Reviewed Atlanta area investors on the

Sent email blast to Jamy's contacts via Constant Contact

Identified investors on Craigslist and called to inquire about JV and private investing partners

I also had Jason and Jamy make phone calls to a hot list that they had to ask for investor referrals.  Along with that, we also recieved a pool of REO's from one of my contacts that would allow us to cherry pick the properties.  We sent the list to several local investors to hopefully wholesale a few deals.  Along with that, we also contacted a potential subject to deal in Albany, GA and identified another wholesale deal that the guys planned to place under contract the following day.  

It was a busy day and we were all brain dead once 6:30 rolled around from spending so much time on the phone and talking with other investors.  Day Three would be another busy but fruitful day!  Stay tuned for more!

Day Two Video Wrap Up

Day Three Video Wrap Up

Day Four Video Wrap Up


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    • LorenaGerlach profile image

      LorenaGerlach 8 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Great job Scott!