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Updated on February 5, 2016


how easy does this sound, "make money listening to music", its very easy. Using a website called SLICETHEPIE, you can make money simply by listening to a music track, and writing a simple review and giving the song a rating out of 10. The positive is that you make money doing something you love "listening to music", after the song has finished, thats when you need to start typing up your review. Your review must be at least 50 words, now 50 words might seem like alot, it did to me at first, however, once i started typing i noticed 50 words was nothing, it was literally less than a full paragraph. Each review took me about 3 minutes, and you earn something along the lines of 0.04-0.06 per review, so if your spending a good hour a day on this site you could be making around 0.80-1.00 a day, which might seem like nothing but its really worth it. The more you review, the better your reviews, the more money you make, around 1 or 2 dollars a day, 14 dollars a week, so around 50 dollars a month, WHY NOT?!


Fill out a survey, share your opinions, and make around 50p-1.50 per survey. Now the amount you earn really depends on the survey length and the time it takes to complete the survey, however, that doesn't mean if you spend 2 hours on a survey on purpose you get 100 dollars, it just means if the estimated time to complete the survey is around 30 minutes, youll probably get more than a 10 minute survey. This is a really easy way to make money and if you think about it, say you do 10 surveys a day, and each survey pays around 80 pence, thats 8 pounds a day, which really isnt bad at all, and it could be more if you spend more time. some websites even claim that you can make 50-100 pounds a day completing surveys, but i really think you would have to work you backside off to earn that much. the survey website i would recommend is "vivatic". The reason i reccomend this website is because the surveys here are consistent, and you dont have to wait for an email every 100 days to get a survey, its always there on the website. so if you have not tried paid surveys yet, i would strongly recommend going on a site like vivatic, or any paying survey website.


This is personally my favorite way of making money online. (TESTING WEBSITES). Now you may be wondering what i am talking about, i will explain. Some company's will pay money in order to listen to users opinions and reviews about their websites. You get paid to go on the website, navigate around and express your thoughts out loud through your personal microphone. There are many websites that offer this the 2 mains websites are "user testing" and "what users do". I strongly recommend these 2 websites and this is an excellent way to make money, the pay is $10 per 20 minute review, and is payed via Paypal.

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