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Updated on November 25, 2011

Blessed are the Rich. Thou shall not despise them!

Does this title conjure mixed feelings? It should not. If anything, it should clarify your feelings.

It is amazing how many people ask God in prayer for blessings. I bet everyone does or at least has done it once. We desire blessings. However, do we really understand what we are asking for? What do we intend whenever we ask God to bless us? Is it physical health, relationships, wealth or spiritual vitality?

We often think of blessings in terms of material possessions. Especially in Christian circles, we often look at those among us who seem to have everything going well for them. They have a nice house, a beautiful spouse, disciplined children, collection of vintage cars; they take fancy vacations to exotic places, and they pretty much do whatever they want. We classify them as the blessed. However, neither the rich nor the poor are blessed by virtue of their status. Moreover, often we give them leadership positions in church and sometimes even in secular jobs. The underlying premise is that they have more influence – which they do. As for leadership, that is another topic.

It is often difficult to talk about the rich people without having a bit of some judgment inside. We often think of the rich as being selfish or that somehow they managed to acquire their riches by taking advantage of some poor people somewhere. Off course, this is a common phenomenon in a capitalist setup. However, not every rich person acquired his or her wealth dubiously. There is overwhelming evidence of wealthy people who generously serve others and share their bounty.

This perception has not just come from nowhere. Throughout history, the men who had enough received more recognition and therefore, respect. Subsequently, they held positions of higher authority. In a sense, it created some jealousy to those with less. This led to the emerging of class system - the upper class, middle class and lower class.

There is a mix of emotions attached to this classification. I am sure most us even associate wealth with wickedness or sinful conduct, somehow. We may not say it plainly. However, we do think of it sometimes. The church has not spared us or helped us. Confusing statements from the pulpit have bombarded us. Leaving us more disoriented. We do not know what we believe and even when we pray, we do not receive because our faith is shaky. “A double minded person cannot receive anything from God,” James says in the bible.

If wealth is sinful, then we must desist from pursuing it and if we inherit it, give it all away. However, if it is a blessing, then we must go after it. After all, in the bible, everyone described as blessed had access to an abundance of wealth – material, spiritual and financial possessions, leadership or some kind of influence. Even Jesus counted the wealthy Lazarus and his sisters among his friends, dinned with the rich Zacchaeus who promised to give back anything he had acquired unjustly as well as half of his genuine dough.

We are all blessed by God regardless of our background or current circumstance. It is up to you to appropriate the blessing. God won't force it on you. This however, may cause some people to think that you have to work hard for your blessing. Not at all. Your blessing is tied to your purpose. Once you begin to walk in your purpose, you unleash your blessings - your empowerment to prosper. Thus, you excel in your area of gifting.

It is highly unlikely that you will prosper outside the area of your gifting. This is where the secret lies, although it is not that of a secret - everyone is gifted. Poor or rich. Male of Female. Young or old. There is an area where we excel beyond others, and if we focus on those areas, we can create wealth beyond our wildest imagination.

Here are some facts to help you receive answers to your prayers:

  • There is nothing wrong with genuinely acquired material possessions and wealth. You can help more poor people with substance, than you can do with mere love. You cannot help the poor, by becoming poor yourself.
  • You need to have a purpose for your money bigger than yourself. Wealth follows purpose and it is usually about service to others.
  • Do not despise the wealthy. Take time to pray for them, admire them and learn from them. You cannot become what you despise. Subconsciously, you sabotage your own ability to accumulate wealth if you hold grudges or jealousy.
  • Blessings go beyond material possessions. They encompass every aspect of your life – Physical, material, social, financial and spiritual.
  • God wants you blessed. Meaning - be wealthy in every area of your life. 3John 1:2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.”
  • Therefore, when you pray, believe that you deserve the blessings and have a clear vision on how you will share your wealth (blessing - empowerment to prosper).


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