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BPhone - Find the places where?

Updated on March 29, 2016

BPhone - The first smartphone was named the pinnacle of mobile technology industry in Vietnam, the manufacturer confirmed "better phone the iPhone" officially launched on 26.05.2015. The event launched the smart phone can also be a major turning point for the Information Technology sector in Vietnam.

However, during the past year with a nearly one undeniable fact, almost silent Bphone and "evaporating" completely, instead of leading domestic mobile village goes up as the previous expectations of the world technology and programmers Vietnam. So the question arises, after the premiere impressive monumental, since the retail market, sales of the star Bphone, users recognize how about this product, and whether there will be BPhone 2 ?


After so many days would expect, dated 26.05.2015, "the world's top super food" of BKAV BPhone introduced in a monumental event cost is estimated at over ten billion .... The scale expect more than 1,500 guests attended, BKAV promises this will be a special event featured technology in 2015 in Vietnam.


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