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Deal BRAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (updated 11/09)

Updated on November 9, 2011

Please share!

Sometimes the sale and coupon planets align just right and give us an amazing deal.   You can't help yourself.  You have to gloat!  Don't hold it in.  Share!  Add to the comments on this page and show off your awesome deals.  You know you want to!


If you've read my other hubs, you know that my son is autistic. Hubby and I are not even close to being rich but we do the best we can to support him in the things he's interested in. His biggest interest would have to be music. So I started watching Craigslist for an affordable piano for him to play on and tinker on.

Despite watching the ads like a hawk, it was my mother who sent me a posting. A man already had the piano loaded on his trailer and would bring it to you (yard or garage delivery only) for $25. I contacted him and he said he could deliver that night if I could provide one other person to help unload. Hubby worked 2nd but I was able ask a family friend to come help. As they were unloading it, my son was so excited he couldn't stand it. He kept trying to play it as the men were trying to move the giant thing. He even brought a step stool from the garage over in front of it when they took a minute rest.

Great deal, right? It gets better. Once the seller saw just how excited my son was, he wouldn't even take the $25 for the deliver. He told me to keep the money and buy a bench.

Not really a deal you can duplicate but still... Goes to show there are angels out there, even when buying used on Craigslist:)

Dollar Days School Supplies

Order #: XXXXXXX
OrderDate: 04/13/2011
Items below have not yet shipped or have been canceled
Pieces Per Case
Piece Price
# of Cases
Case Cost
Line item Cost
Coupon Discount Code
Clear Application Permanent Glue Stic .26 oz
Washable Markers Broad Point Classic Colors
Bic Great Erase Low Odor Dry Erase Markers Chisel
Bic Mark-It Permanent Markers Ultra Fine Point
Order SubTotal:
Order Freight:
Order Adjustment:
Order Total:

Shopping trip on 4/8 to HyVee

Here's what I bought.., 4 boxes of Life Cereal,  2 boxes Smart Taste pasta, 4 boxes Pasta Roni, 10 Power Bars, 4 lbs deli ham, 1 4lb bag sugar, 1 Cantaloupe, 1 box Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 1/2 gallon ice cream
Here's what I bought.., 4 boxes of Life Cereal, 2 boxes Smart Taste pasta, 4 boxes Pasta Roni, 10 Power Bars, 4 lbs deli ham, 1 4lb bag sugar, 1 Cantaloupe, 1 box Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 1/2 gallon ice cream

Here's what I spent

HyVee on 3/24

After being cooped up w/ a sick kiddo, I was finally able to get out for a bit.  Here's my trip to HyVee

12 pack Diet 7up - $0.99 on HyVee’s NOWWOW
2lbs fresh strawberries – One sale for $1.18/lb

Six bananas - $0.59/lb

Value pack of Chicken quarters - $0.79/lb

Two-six packs of slim fast - $4.99 each sale

Four bags of chex mix – 3/$5

Two bags HyVee chips - $0.88 each

Two bags HyVee iceburg salad $1.00



How much actually came out of my pocket?  $16.50!!!!  WOOHOO!


Used these coupons

$3.00 off two Slimfast from HyVee Catalina

$1.50 off two Slimafast Manufacturer

$2.25 off four Chex Mix Peelie

$3.51 NowWow code from Cell Text

$7.00 in coupons from last weeks Betty Crocker Gummy promo.



 I'm so excited... I got an e-mail that they shipped!!!!!!

My new shoes


Dr Oz (What kind of a name is that anyway? Does he think he's a wizard?) teamed up w/ Nike to give away 5,000 pairs of shoes as part of his get moving program. I attempted to sign up but never got a confirmation that my entry went through as a lot of other folks wanted the shoes too. I had an e-mail waiting for me this morning that I won. I got shoes that I would never in a million years spend that much money on for free:)

Here are my shoes...

Style: 415257-004
Nike Free XT Quick Fit+ Women's Training Shoe
Metallic Silver/Black-White-Concord
Size: 9
1 @ $85.00
Free Nike Free shoes - (-85.00)

Promotion Codes Used: Free Nike Free shoes - Promotion Savings: ($85.00)Subtotal: $0.00
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Tax: $0.00 TOTAL: $0.00


Lots of soup (9/15)

Stocked up on soup this week.  HyVee had Campbell's select on sale for $1.00 each.  I had three $1.00 off one coupons and scored three large cans of soup for free.

Progresso is on sale for 4/$5.  Bought 10 cans and used several $0.50 off two coupons.  Then HyVee was giving a promo, buy 10 General Mills products, get a $5.00 off future purchase coupon.  Woot!

9/6 Hot dogs, Cheese, and Hamburger

HyVee rocked again this weekend.  Here's what I got...

I had 2 $5.00 off the purchase of Kraft Cheese products coupons from the Huddle for Hunger.  I used them to buy 5 packages of Kraft Singles, 1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese and 4 packages of shredded cheese.  The singles were $1.79 so with the coupon they were $0.79.  The singles also had a peelie that was $1.00 off 1lb of hamburger when you buy 2 packages of Kraft cheese products.  HyVee also had 85% hamburger on sale for $1.89 per pound.  So I got 5 packages of Kraft singles cheese, 2lbs of hamburger, a package of Philadelphia cream cheese and 4 packages of shredded cheese for $10.11!

HyVee also had Oscar Meyer hot dogs for 4/$5.  I had 4 coupons for $1.00 off 1 package.  So I got 4 packages of Premium OM hot dogs for $1.00. 

8/29 Cereal and Coca Cola

I am so excited by my run to HyVee two days ago. Here are my two favorite deals of the night...

Bought six 12 packs of Coke products:

HyVee had a coupon for Buy 4 Coke products for $11.00 - 4/$13 without coupon. I also had a HyVee coupon for a free 12 pk of any pop (6 weeks of savings flier), and a coupon that I'd stashed from a peelie promo - buy 4 12 pks, get one free. So I got 6 12 packs of coke for $11.00 or 1.83 each.

Bought six boxes of General Mills Cereal:

I bought two boxes of Multigrain Cheerios at 3.49 each, two boxes Golden Grahams at 3.89, and two boxes of Chex at 3.09. Total would be 20.49. HyVee had a coupon for 10.00 off if you bought six boxes of General Mills Cereal. Then it gave you a Catalina (coupon that prints at the register for newbies) for another $6 off a future order. I then used two $.75 coupons on the Cheerios, and two $1.00 off two for the other four boxes I was purchasing. So I spent $6.99 out of pocket and get $6.00 off my next order. Like getting them for $0.17 per box.



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