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Home Equity Loan With Bad Credit

Updated on May 5, 2012

It can be very disheartening when you are in a situation where you are desperately trying to request a loan yet you are being turned down because you have a bad credit rating. Most business uses your credit FICO scores to determine if you will qualify for the home equity loan that you are after. If it does not meet certain standards then you are usually declined. Or they take advantage of you and assign you a bad credit equity mortgage and hike up your Interest rates. However, there is good news and that is it is not the end of the line there are other options you can follow up on.

Using a home equity loan can help you borrow against the equity in your home that you have built up. Even in this recession if you owe more than your house is worth now because of the real-estate bubble you can still qualify. With a home equity loan it will help provide you with two essential things for your future. One is that you can pay off you current bills or most of them plus it will help you reestablish your credit score when you make subsequent on time payments.

If you have bad credit there are programs that many lenders have that will fit your needs. They are still competing for your business and interest rates have never been lower so if a bad credit home equity loan is what you are looking for now would be a good time to apply for it. There are specific government programs available now to help you out even in these uncertain times.

These programs that are available to you have many advantages

- Bad credit home equity mortgage programs come with specified interest rates in comparison to unsecured loans, credit cards, or pay day advances.

- The payment terms on these loans are a lot more flexible and are able to suit your budget and repayment terms.

- After making so many on time payments you may be eligible for an extended line of credit on this to be used in the future which will be useful if you are in need of cash later on.

- The quicker you pay the loan back the points and interest reduces giving you more opportunity to save a lot of money.

As soon as you have researched and found a home equity line that you would like to receive remember don’t jump at the first offer many banks want your business. Don’t make an error in judgment to look at all of your options before making a decision and if your still unsure look for a third party to explain the basics to you that way you can be a informed consumer when applying.

As a home owner you have a distinct advantage when it comes to even bad credit. Because even if you’re not able to get new credit you can refinance your existing credit to get better terms and most lenders are willing to work with you based on this. Because they would rather work with you then get stiffed with the bill them. Each loan is then packaged to maximize your benefits.

Remember to ask for written quotes from each lender so that you can receive an idea on the cost rate and fees that you will be paying and if you’re unsure of something ask. Then make a wise decision and help your credit score and your family by staying stable and making those on time payments.



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