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Bad Credit Mortgage, Bad Credit Bank - Hypocrisy To The Mercy Principal

Updated on March 13, 2015

Do you have a bad credit mortgage? Perhaps you want to avoid foreclosure. A bad credit bank has a lot to answer for - not only to the taxpayer, but to you too. There is, indeed, hypocrisy to the mercy principal and our banks have demonstrated this to the world. Believe me when I say  to the banks, the world isn't happy!

Daniel Carter is a writer on HubPages. He has found himself at the end of the bankers wrath, the word 'foreclosure' lay upon their lips. As a tax payer, he has shown mercy and has helped to sustain his bank's existence. This is the same bank that is crucifying him now - for they show no mercy.

This article suggests a way to redress the balance on walkway to mercy street by using the might of people power.


'For Christmas, I'd like my house to sell. However, because foreclosure has started, I can't get the bank to give me the info to know if the buyer's offer is enough to cover all the penalties and fees. Banks are evil. Period....

With thanks. Daniel, for your kind permission.
With thanks. Daniel, for your kind permission. | Source

I've spent almost 4 hrs on the phone, trying to work out details. I did get with one person who was very helpful. We'll see how far that thing I've learned is to remain courteous as much as possible. You catch more flies with honey, I guess...

The person who was supposed to contact me this morning never did. So I'm back on the phone trying to get through...' Quoted directly from Daniel Carter on Facebook.

And so his story continues... But how did he get there?

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Banks Pleaded For Forgiveness - the sold bad credit mortgages!

We are all slaves to hypocrisy. The banks came to our governments on bended knee, bedraggled and fearful. They pleaded for forgiveness. Why? Because they had badly managed their money and had lost much of it on many unsafe bets - bad credit mortgages. They gambled and lost! We lost!

Not only that, they had taken their bad bets, repackaged them and labelled them as all things bright and beautiful. Such lovely packages these were. The world banks sold and bought these packages. What a pandora's box they held!

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Bankers Sold Mortgages To People Who Couldn't Afford The Repayments

You see, greedy bankers had sold mortgages to people who couldn't afford the repayments. They then bundled them together and re-sold the liability on as 'dead certs', and they were, indeed dead - dead losses!

So now, back to the beginning. There, sobbing on the floor, were the big boys. Oh, it was a sight to be seen! Puddles of tears and snot draining down our high streets with crys of mercy at the feet of the tax payer. They pleaded poverty to our Governments and placed a noose around their necks. Without the banking system, our world would come to a stop!

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Emotional And Financial Blackmail

There laying at the feet of the people's representatives were three clamps - Mrs Emotional, Mr Financial with their son Master Blackmail. The closer the clamp family got, the more pressure the people's representatives felt. Hanging there squashed between them, there wasn't a choice, the people would have to provide them with mercy payments. This they did, reluctantly. There was no other way, or was there?

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Bad Credit Bankers Grew Strong With Cash Injection

Filled with the mercy serum, injected by hard cash, the bad credit bankers grew strong, started to make profit and preened themselves. It was now that they were in a position to crucify the people for whom they loaned to and to those who they should have been grateful to. They were biting the hand that fed them.

People lost their homes. Many were forced out without mercy, without redemption. Why should the bankers show the same level of understanding that was shown to them? These people had accrude a bad credit mortgage and, despite being persuaded into purchasing a mortgage in the first place by the bankers themselves, this worm had turned with actions of foreclosure. They had, after all, their profits and bonuses to consider!

Daniel Carter lives with a bad credit bank. This is an example where the hypocrisy of the mercy principal is typical for all of the banks today.

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Foreclosure Is A Product Of The Banking Crisis

Mr Carter, therefore, is a victim to the banking crisis. He is held under the heavy hands of foreclosure. This bad credit mortgage, for which he has fallen foul, may even stigmatise his future. He is an example of the wrath of the banks. There is no mercy here. There is no apology and neither is there any dignity or respect, by what I read of his accounts on Facebook.

He is just one victim of many. He isn't just a victim of foreclosure, but a victim as a tax payer too, who, amongst the rest of us, granted the bankers mercy. But still, we hear no mercy from them. In fact they thrive!

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Banks Rejoyce In Profits!

Happy days are here again, now that the sun has dried up those tears and snot, banks rejoyce in profits. They reward their Chief Executives for doing such a wonderful job on mercy street!

Master Blackmail has grown and is thriving, whilst Mrs Emotional and Mr Financial look on with adoring eyes. So sweet!

"Bad credit bank!" Mr E and Mrs F giggle, for now they have had their cake and ate it too! Life is peachy for the banks but not for the rest of us.

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We Are Tied With A Bad Credit Mortgage From Bad Credit Banks

We are all struggling to make ends meet as we watch the feasting frenzy - outsiders looking in. Where is our mercy street? Where is our safety net? Many of us are tied with a bad credit mortgage from bad credit banks.

As the ordinary people suffer at the hands of the accused, we can do no more but tighten our belts and accept the penance of the hypocrisy of mercy.

Or should we?

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Some Financial Companies Are Prepared to Loan On A Bad Credit Mortgage

We are the people. One has no voice, but, as a collective, we can unite and show them that we don't approve of their lack of gratitude. For those who beg mercy and given a second chance, to bite the hand that feeds them, they have a lesson to learn and learn it they should.

Yes, there are financial companies that are prepared to loan on a bad credit mortgage. There will be many recommendations cited here on this article. Of course, this is worth looking into - we all need to have the basic fundamentals in life - such as a roof over one's head! However, there is another way that we, as a collective, can protest in a non violent and peaceful way.

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Mercy On Foreclosure, No Mercy For The Bad Credit Bank

For people with savings, investments and those that can withstand a temporary shortfall, I propose we take our savings out of the banks, that we starve them of the money they steal. If there are enough people to do this, then there would be enough to make a marked effect on their operations.

The best way to protest is by unity and by taking a stand. By placing bad credit banks back into a position of mercy, by starving them of the capitals they crave, they just might find gratitude. They may become a little be more kindly to their social responsibilities. They might even learn to show mercy to those who suffer foreclosure by giving them the same break that the tax payer has given them. We reap what we sow - people with a bad credit mortgage are invariably in that position because it is the bankers that have put us all in this financial predicament in the the first place! This one is for you, Daniel Carter!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Well, Daniel - it wouldn't surprise me if this happens. It only takes a few to snowball it. Yes, you are right... maybe we should put our monies into my ethical and fair cooperative type institutions, like credit unions. They work for the people by the people.

      Thank you for inspiring me :)

    • Daniel Carter profile image

      Daniel Carter 

      8 years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah

      Thank you, Shazwellyn, for your good insights on this very miserable subject!! As we have corresponded, it becomes more and more clear to me that we really should pull our money from big money machines where ever possible, and put that money in smaller, local, highly rated institutions. Helping smaller, service oriented credit unions and banks will go far in reestablishing good service and good products for consumers. Breaking apart the big money machines may have some negative consequences, but in the end, it will actually help us as consumers far more than the situation we are now in.

      The chilling fact is that WE still own our money, but big banks use that money against us. What other business model would allow any such thing to happen??? Instead of rewarding the consumer for the use of their money, banks use it against us and penalize us in every possible way, growing rich on our own ignorance, gullibility and stupidity. Very sad indeed.

      It is time for each of us to assess fully what we can personally do to reclaim our own money stolen by banks, and keep that money safe with trustworthy, service-oriented, small institutions whose goal is to provide good service to its customers, not rape and pillage each neighborhood where it may reside.

      My thanks to you for writing this hub to create and foster greater awareness on this subject!!


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