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Bank Account Fraud

Updated on December 11, 2014

I know where my money is, do you know how much you have at any given point in the day?

Because I check my bank account on a regular basis, I know how much I have and where it is going, and when the next amount will be in my wallet and account. That is a really good feeling. I also do most of my banking at my bank, that way the tellers and manager know who I am if I come in with a problem like I did this week.

Noticing that there was a withdrawal payment for $95.89 after checking what company it was from it was for male enhancement products, which is not something that I never use because I am a female. LOL Just to see if you are paying attention. But yes that is the reason.

That fact leads me to believe that whoever hacked my card is a male.

2nd confirmation is there was another charge for male baldness for $39.95. Yep, a man did this, I hope he gets good use with the products because I am going to go to my bank tomorrow and have them cancel the payments. All I have to do is tell them which ones were not mine and then sign a paper stating that, hence my account will be closed to that debit card and a new one will be issued asap. Of course it doesn't help that Christmas is only a week or so away. So much for well laid plans going astray.

You are really busy, I understand that. However, your money should be a priority and how you or your spouse spends it is both of your responsibilities. We only live one time. We do not get to go around again, we will never get the last hour back again in our lives. If we make a big mistake in our judgement, sometimes you can correct that, but you really cannot go back in time. Your money is an asset that needs to be protected just like your children need protection and your wife as well.

We Are All Human

As a human being we breathe, we walk around, sometimes run, and other times our brain works like clockwork. It is wonderful to have a good brain that works. The difference in many peoples lives is how they are driven to make their money and how they take care of it to use it to grow assets so they have money when they need it. So protecting it is important.

Keeping up with your investment is paramount to keeping it and using it when needed. Rely on your bank to keep track of where the payment goes. Another good practice is using a tracker like Quickbooks that you can check quickly as to where your money is really going and what it is spent on.

Do You Have a 401K Account?

If you have opened a 401K account, you need to remember that when you take money from that account, the investment company is going to take out a 20% fee on all the money you have acquired in it. That is what amount that is allowed from the government standpoint. Yes, I said 20% can come out of the total, there is no arguing on that amount. So if you have an account like that, you might want to take it out right now to avoid the payout and put that money to better use. Before you do it though you need to talk to a financial specialist, make sure you find someone who does not sell products, but only gives you advice.

If you are worried about doing business on the internet, you need to use a credit card because you have protections by way of the credit card companies. A debit card is good because of the personal pins that are used. In your credit card paperwork when you sign up there are provisions that protect your accounts that you must use in order to keep your accounts safer.

Credit Card Changes Coming

I am expecting that in the near future credit cards will be manufactured differently than they are now for better fraud protection for all of us.

Are you saving your money on a regular basis?

What percentage of yore income are you really saving

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Do you check your account for purchases weekly

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Take some time every month to check your accounts, you will be very glad you did once you are done.

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© 2014 Diane Knaus


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    • dianeknaus profile image

      Diane Knaus 3 years ago from Anne Arundel County, Maryland

      According to a recent article in The Globe online Report

      Here are common financial industry designations that indicate an individual has been instructed on a wide number of financial topics and has demonstrated an understanding. Holding these designations does not mean someone is a good adviser, but it is a starting point in finding the right person.

      1) Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

      2) Registered Financial Planner (RFP)

      3) Personal Financial Planner (PFP)

      4) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)