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Bargain pens

Updated on July 11, 2011

Many pens needed


Is it a bargain?

Nowadays companies are taking an extra look at he cost of supplies.  During these lean times it is one area that companies strive to make cuts in.  Some businesses have incentive programs if they meet a certain budget ceiling and do not go over that amount.  Sometimes people will order less than what they need or better yet,  rationing off what they feel you should use in a certain amount of time for supplies.  This does not just affect pens,  but also other office supplies that are used in abundance.  There are two possible solutions to this.  One can either make due with what you have or supplement what you have out of your own pocket.

When someone in an office makes due with what they have they may fall short.  Maybe there is not enough ink and i will just print that report at the end of the month after the ink supply order comes in. Another office worker may be trying to squeeze out every last drop of ink prior to tossing a pen.  They may even be raiding other peoples desks in the hopes of siphoning the ink of many pens almost running out into one big pen that will last awhile.  This might affect morale and views that workers have of their leaders.  Workers could feel that they are not supported by their managers and are on their own to fend for themselves like wild dogs hunting for a untouched carcass so that it may last until the next meal which is who knows when.

The second option is to augment the supply of pens or other office equipment that one has.  There are many stores around that offer discounted or reduced priced items.  Face it,  most workers that bring in their own supplies do not want to pay top buck for something that will not be reimbursed.  So Dan,  a thriving office worker goes and purchases a box of pens.  He sees the price tag of $1.00 and thinks to himself WOW,  that is a deal.  He thinks about all the people he can give pens to for that price.  So Dan pays for his box of pens and gets to the office in the morning.  He takes the first pen out and tries it,  it does not work.  He tries another one,  it does not work.  He finds 3 pens that kind of work but after writing a half page,  they stop writing.  Dan feels bummed out now and upset that he wasted some money.  He now has a dozen pens in his pen holder,  but none of them work! 

Is it a bargain?  Well,  not really.  Could it have been a bargain?  Maybe.  Dan will be very careful next time he shops for office supplies.  That box of pens that is priced too good,  may very well be what he paid for them.  It is always a gamble when buying cheap equipment,  but during difficult times it will continue.


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