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Basics Cream Cleaner: Economize and Cut Your Grocery Bills With Generic Cleaning Products

Updated on October 3, 2014

Buying Generic Cream Cleaner

Geez, does anyone still use cream cleaner anymore? It seems so old-school and lacking in advertising pizzazz, somehow. Not to mention fancy bottles, nozzles, packaging and promises of revolutionizing your kitchen and bathroom life! And if we’re talking about generic cream cleaner, then you can apply all those objections squared!

Generic Products: A Real Saving?

However, I for one will put my hand up and admit to it: I buy cream cleaner. And generic cream cleaner, even. What can I say, it costs less than a bar of Cadbury’s and it does the job I expect it to do. What more do you want? How much do household items names matter? I usually go for the Sainsbury’s Basics range, with its cute childlike scrawl of a logo in cheerful orange and white. (The logo reads ‘Cream Cleaner: cleans, no added promises’. Kind of a reverse psychology thing going on there, don’t you think? It appeals to the canny shopper who likes to think she’s above finding clever marketing appealing… and I think I can identify a little bit of irony in that.)

Does Generic Cream Cleaner Work On All Surfaces?

What would you use cream cleaner for, anyway? Personally, I use it for both kitchen and bathroom surfaces: primarily the ones that need a good old rub and scrub in order to get them properly clean. So that means the bath, shower, bathroom basin, kitchen sink and washing up bowl, plus anything else that strikes your fancy. Do you really need anything fancier and pricier than cream cleaner for these surfaces? Personally, I might be inclined to splash out if I had a high-end kitchen or bathroom suite with expensive, beautiful surfaces like real slate or stone. But if you have a standard issue plastic bath or metal sink? You have to be kidding! That's my personal choice: your mileage may vary. I've never had unsatisfactory results with good old cheapy cream cleaner myself, although that may depend on the surface involved.

Big Savings: How Much Does Generic Cream Cleaner Cost?

The basics stuff tends to be unperfumed stuff that gloops out in a wodge that looks like unhardened plaster of paris: hey, nobody said it was an aesthetically pleasing experience! You won't find any outlandish claims made for it via expensive advertising, but it still does the job it was intended for.

Is there a significant saving when you buy basics, generic cream cleaner as opposed to more expensive alternatives? Mr S. Basics cream cleaner will set you back, according to the official Sainsbury's website, currently GBP 0.31 for 500ml. That's pretty damn cheap! Cif Lemon Fresh Cream Cleaner, by comparison, also for 500 ml, will cost you GBP 1.74! That's quite a hike! In fact it's a whole 561% more expensive than the Basics generic option. Do you think it's worth that kind of premium in price for a citrussy scent?

Is there much difference between generic cream cleaners, depending on where you source them from? Probably not: judging by the packaging used, it's quite likely that they all come from the same supplier anyway. Is anyone really so obsessed with the best household cleaning supplies? I tend to judge them on price alone: cream cleaner simply isn't one of those products where I'm prepared to pay a premium according to quality. I'll carry on buying the Basics stuff, and feel the benefit in my wallet!


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