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Discount Websites Can Save You Money.

Updated on September 16, 2012

Coupon websites & cards

There are many different types of coupon websites on the internet. Some of them require that you sign up and shop online. You then receive cashback for each purchase which is then deposited into your account to be used at a later date. One example of this is

Other websites provide different coupons for different types of shops every day. It is possible to follow some of these on twitter so that you can then download and print the coupons that are relevant to you. Check out or

Use storecards. It is possible to save quite a bit of cash by regulary using store cards and store coupons. The best way to ensure that you always have your store card to hand is to get a keyring card. Many of the larger stores in Irealand such as Tesco's, Dunnes Stores and Super Value now provide these.

Deal websites

Deal websites are a fantastic way to plan ahead and to grab yourself a bargain. Whether you are someone who fancies a night out or a tourist who is planning to visit Europe or Ireland you will be able to use deal websites to avail of anything from horse riding, to delicious meals to high quality accomodation from up to 50%-90% off. Some of the best deal websites in Ireland are:

  5. Boardsdeals

Instead of signing up for each site individually it is possible to register on the site where you can access all of the sites above and more and avoid the bombardmant of constant emails and newsletters from many discount websites.

Do ensure however that the deal you purchase will remain in date until the date you plan to use it. If you notice that there are a lot of the same deals on offer it is a good idea to book the deal with the provider as soon as possible to ensure that you get the dates that you require. Always read the terms and conditions before purchasing any deal.

Don't allow yourself to get caught up with the fantasy of a good deal if you will not be able to use it after purchasing it!!! (Don't buy racecar lessons if you can't drive)

Don't forget to use the deal you have purchased!

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