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The Lingo Behind Coupon Clipping

Updated on February 24, 2012

Coupons! Coupons! Coupons!

A typical morning and you're there cutting away large chunks of your husband's morning paper. He would get riled of course but only before you explain (calmly) how your coupon clipping would save him hundreds of bucks. And after hours of mindless cutting, you now have kajillions of coupons ready to be used. So you excitedly drive or walk or run (whatever suits you really) to the nearest grocery store, put everything you need in the basket, go to the cashier and then BAM! You forgot to bring with you the POP, did not know that it's WSL and DCRT, and now you're too late to avail it...

So what went wrong? It's a no brainer answer. You just forgot to read the irritatingly teeny tiny hieroglyphics. That is perfectly normal. Most of them are very minute that a magnifying glass is needed. Since the space allocation for each coupon is limited, some fancy legal words are shortened to fit the space. You do not need to panic. Just scroll down and familiarize the most basic terminologies you may encounter in your coupon clipping journey.


  1. WSL -- While Supplies Last
  2. AR -- After Rebate
  3. B1G1 or BOGO -- Buy One, Get One Free
  4. CRT -- Cash Register Tape (a.k.a. your receipt)
  5. DC -- Double Coupon (Not Washington DC. The store doubles the value of the coupon)
  6. DCRT -- Dated Cash Register Receipt (serves as a proof that you bought the item during the correct time period)
  7. FAR -- Free After Rebate
  8. IP -- Internet-Printed Coupon (not Intellectual Property)
  9. ISO -- In-Store Only (not the International Organization for Standardization)
  10. IVC -- Instant Value Coupon (you can find this on the product as a pull-off in the supermarket; redeemable as you pay)
  11. MIR -- (Mail-in Rebate)
  12. NED -- No Expiration Date
  13. EXP -- Expiration Date
  14. MFR -- Manufacturer
  15. OOS -- Out of Stock
  16. OAS -- On Any Size (coupon is fine for any product size of the product)
  17. OYNSO or OYNO -- On Your Next Shopping Order (you must go back to the same store or supermarket)
  18. POP -- Proof of Purchase
  19. Peelie -- you must peel these off from the product you're purchasing in the store
  20. Q -- Coupon
  21. WYB -- When You Buy

Now that you have these in your vocabulary, you can now start your extreme coupon clipping. Enjoy!


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