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Being A Broke College Student

Updated on February 14, 2016

Why Am I A Broke College Student?

Well, let's assess this question... Since when do the words "college student" and "financially stable" ever add up?

If your answer is "never," then you are correct!

But there are several different reasons that we all end up in these conundrums. Some college kids are still living at home with their parents, have no job, and barely even have the ambition to try hard in their studies because they would prefer to live off of the government. Then you have the ones who have part-time jobs, but are VERY bad when it comes to saving money -- this usually happens to those who are shopaholics, or those who just NEED to buy that Alienware laptop because they need better graphics for their World of Warcraft obsession. And then you have the kids like me, who struggle, even with a full-time job, because on top of paying bills and bills and bills, we also have to pay out of pocket for ridiculously expensive college classes because we don't qualify for financial aid (and let me just clarify that financial aid is based off of our parents' income, even if they are not paying for the classes!).

It's just astonishing to know that the government really doesn't care how much I make, because it assumes that if things go wrong, I can go ask Mommy for help and it'll be all better!


So here I sit, living paycheck to paycheck, because I don't want that burden of having to pay off student loans while my (currently non-existent) children are about to enter the same world of pricey education. This is a debt that I, along with many others, dread, but there's nothing we can do about it because we live in the capitalist country of The United States of America!

Land of the Free?

Ironically, freedom comes with a lot of expenses.

The whole point of enrolling in college is to enhance our education so we can join a well-paying dead-end job that we spend the rest of our lives doing until retirement. However, it all seems to be one big tax

Here is a bit of off-topic information:.

Public schools, K-12, spend more time administrating standardized tests than actually focusing on educating the future generations (although we can thank GW Bush for that -- No Child Left Behind Act). Rather than learning how to use our brains, we are taught how to bubble in answers. Multiple choice is the way to go, because you always have a 1 in 4 chance of getting the question right! And once we make it to college, the actual learning sets in, but we aren't prepared for it because we weren't taught how to learn, only how to test.

We have to wait until college before we can finally free our minds and learn something useful! But most people don't know this because college isn't affordable. Sure, there are scholarships that will be offered, but the bottom line is, not everyone is good at sports, and not everyone is good at testing. The qualities that actually matter are too often overlooked, and those of us who are in search of showing our capabilities are ignored because we don't excel in the two categories that are looked at. But not everyone will join the NFL, and our brains aren't comprised of computers, so we are stuck having to pay a lump sum because we are normal human beings.

I haven't even covered all of the possible scenarios of why people can't join college. We have people who come from poor families and somehow don't qualify for financial aid, and they can't afford to pay for a college class because all of the money they earn goes to feeding their families. Then you have those who want to go to college, but they don't have the time because if they cut their hours back at work, they can't make their rent payment. And, of course, there are those who just don't want to go to college. They prefer to do manual labor, and they wouldn't want to do anything else. The possibilities are endless.

Should We Conform?

Would it be better if we, as a country, remained the same? Making proper education unaffordable, therefore unattainable, for those who truly desire it? Or should it be free to those who actually want to go somewhere in life?

Working at entry-level jobs may be fun for those who aren't academically inclined, but it can be a total nightmare for the ones who want to advance their education in order to get a better career. Not everyone is good at taking tests, no, but that doesn't mean they are incapable of learning. Everyone has certain skills that they want to improve on, but not everyone can afford to do so.

Should we push to make a change to our education system, and make college classes free? Personally, I wouldn't mind. It would take a big financial burden off of me, and maybe I wouldn't have to resort to doing many side-jobs just to keep up with bills. But if we really think about it, there is the possibility that our best presidential candidate 20 years from now won't be able to join his dream career in the politics field because he couldn't afford to learn more. We are leaving a big impact on our future generation.

So what do you think?

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