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Being Evicted

Updated on May 21, 2014

Families being Evicted


Being evicted from an apartment in the mist of winter is cold and insensitivity to any one especially if children is involved. Some times there are circumstances why the rent can't be paid.

Laws are made to be obeyed but there are times when a tenants, should be thought of as humans. Landlords are people who have rights like tenants but their should be some circumstance that states should take to protect tenant . Residents have to remember that a landlords, lawyers can't evict it is up to the judge is the only one who can evict you from your apartment. Before a landlord can evict, he or she must tell one that they are terminating your lease, because of back rent. This legal paper must be written by the court, begin the date you relieved the notice. M.J was handed a legal eviction from her Landlord who told her that he wanted the building because he wanted to bring his family over from Italy. M.J lived in her building for a number of years and was dealing with Housing. Before her lease was up she was given and eviction notice 3 months before her lease was up. She was summon-and complain, after the date on the notice-to quit expires, the landlord will start proceeding called a 'summary process action." She was summon to a near by courthouse complain which was not in her best interest. M.J. went to legal Aid and was instructed to go to Housing court. At housing court she was educated on what she had to do, to stop the eviction, she did a discovery as a tenant facing edviction. It was her right to request information from her landlord in order to prepare her case. if your request a discovery for M.j. the courtposted her court date for two to three weeks.There are so many things that could be done if anyone is facing and eviction.Facing a no fault eviction should be handle by the court, giving the tentant the right to know why they are evicted. Landlords are human but some will evict a tentants because of personals reasons, like moving in their families.



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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      families should never be evicted in the winter months?There should be a law protecting tentants in cold weather. Jada67