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Being Frugal With Wipes

Updated on July 17, 2009

Wet wipes (or cleaning wipes or baby wipes) are pure ingeniousness.  You don't have to worry about getting to a water source when wipes can come to the rescue!  Every parent knows they are vital to diaper changes, wiping sticking hands and faces, and disinfecting countertops or floors.  Of course, you can buy the premade containers or make your own out of paper towels and either a cleanser liquid (for disinfecting) or mineral oil (for cleaning the skin). 

Here's why I love wipes:

  1. You can add a little liquid to old, dried out wipes and they are as good as new!
  2. You can add the leftover liquid from the wipes container and pour a little on paper towels to use it up instead of throwing the container out just to buy more wipes.
  3. Dry wipes make excellent dust cloths.
  4. The material for wipes is naturally lint-free, so they make for a streak-free shine on windows and glass.
  5. You can use wipes on most fresh stains on fabrics or carpets and the grime will lift off easily!
  6. Wipes have just as much scrubbing and cleaning power as sponges for washing your dishes.
  7. You can take wipes anywhere on the go, and use them for virtually any surface with which you come in contact.


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