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Benefits of Having A Food Storage

Updated on March 8, 2015

Whatever the reasoning, whether it be to save money or even for prepping, there are so
many benefits to having some kind of food storage. Food storage can double as "food insurance" which basically means you have enough food on hand that you and your family won't go hungry or have to seek government assistance in the case of a lost job, or an unexpected bill. Food storage is also great in times of natural and economic disasters, as well as a hedge against food inflation. So whatever the reason, here are some of the benefits to a couple months worth of food insurance. This is especially handy in a time of low wages and a shaky job market. I work as a full-time freelancer and entrepreneur and well, things happen.

Saving Money

One reason many people keep a stockpile of food at home is for saving money. Most sales run in 6 week trends, so logically you can save a lot of money by simply buying enough when it is on sale, to cover your household until it is on sale again. So you never have to pay full price for anything again. This will not work for fresher items, however many of your staples can be kept in higher bulk to last you a while. Not to mention, buying staples in bulk can save you big on per ounce costs. A good example is white rice. You can buy a pound for around 1.50, or you can buy twenty pounds for 10.00. It is a big difference and it last for 10-30 years, so why not? Flour, sugar, beans all have the same principle. They last a long time and can be used in so many ways that is good to have a little extra around.

Emergency Preparedness

There is many things that can happen in the world to slow down the country’s food supply or your ability to get to it. Storms, natural disasters, etc. Having a month plus supply of food will save you from having to go out and about when it is not necessarily safe to do so, like bad road conditions. Also keep enough to drink for your family, for a period of time no less than a week.

Less Trips To Store

Save money on gas by not having to pop off to the grocery store because you constantly run out of various items through the week. Having an extra or two on hand makes all those last minute shopping trips obsolete. Saving you both time, money and maybe a little stress too.

Job Loss Or Income Decrease

With the way the economy is, namely the job market, I think it is fair to say that your job is not cut in stone. It is not guaranteed that your job will always be there and have you ever thought about what would happen if it wasn’t. Or if your company decides to make you a part-time employee to avoid high insurance cost. Having a few months of food put back, even just the staples, puts you in a better position. You will have one less thing to worry about while you look for other employment, it may even keep you out of a food stamp line. So why not keep a little food insurance, we have every other kind of insurance.


Not only can you save money from buying when things are on deep discount every 6 weeks or so, but as inflation hits our dollar with every new dollar printed, using your money earlier, saves money from inflation in the end. Last summer’s drought was a prime example of other forces that can rise food prices dramatically for a time. During these times it would be great to have enough of said product to hold you over till prices were back to normal.

Home Cooking Is Better

It is harder to justify eating out when you have everything you need at home. Many times we reason that we should just grab something because we haven’t went shopping yet and there is nothing to make. Well when you have everything you need on hand, the argument becomes moot and you will start to cook more at home by default. Benefiting your wallet, as well as your family’s health.


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    • BSloan profile image

      Barbara Sloan 4 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Great points made. Enjoyed your Hub.