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Benefits of Writing Online

Updated on January 17, 2010

Freedom of Speech

Writing online lets you get the inner-most thoughts out and place it for the world to see. Sometimes this may be a good thing, other times it may not seem like a good idea. Writing online is a place where you can speak your mind, in any fashion that you want to. No one can tell you what not to say within your writing. That right rests in your hands.

Of course trying to abuse someone online will only lead to more problems in your troubling life, so be careful what you say to those who inhabit the internet with you. Besides the obvious legal issues that you could get yourself into by speaking to others or slandering businesses, you are free to talk about anything that comes to mind.

writing jobs online
writing jobs online

Different Types of Paid to Write Programs

There are different types of programs for writers online. Whether you are looking for temporary writing jobs online or want to earn money writing based on a page view basis, this is here to discuss the different functions of these programs.\

Page Views- There are programs that pay on a page view basis. Depending on the website, you may find yourself earning a great deal of income just by sharing your knowledge with the world. Http://

Flat Rates- These jobs typically will pay you a set amount of income if you were to accept the job. The price should be available within the description.

Make Money Writing

Freelance writing is becoming a strong force in the internet world, allowing people to earn money completing tasks that's put before them by major online organizations. Your fellow webmasters offer jobs to those who have more experience in the field of writing (which would be us writers). We as writers have the choice to accept or deny the writing jobs online. Its great to not have to worry about being forced to write based on a set topic.

Many people have earned great money online with writing jobs. Writing jobs online offer the convenience of submitting your work and receiving your payments quickly. Review time on sites that review their content often ends mighty quickly, and the payments are sent just as quick. This money could be used to cover bills that may be past due or just to have some extra money in your pocket. The reason for doing this can change depending on the person pursuing it, but the end result is you will eventually make money doing writing jobs online.

Online writing website
Online writing website

Why Triond?

Triond is a great site for beginners to get their fresh start in this way of life. Not only is it one of the most SEO friendly websites on the net with great income generating potential, its also a great place to meet fascinating people who only give out their honest opinion and would stop at nothing to get into the heart of those that roam this website. That's just a long way to say they are friendly lol.

Triond has been around for a while now, going through many phases. At first it was just an article site that paid you by page views. Now its grown into a place where you can earn money from page views, Google Adsense, and referring people to their website. The earning potential of the website has become even greater over the years and their payout minimum is as low as $0.50 before they send it to your Paypal account. Sometimes users may experience a different minimum payout over time, getting paid for earnings that have yet to reach the actual minimum.

Want to write about anything? Triond is the place to be. Make money doing what you love. Doesn't matter what you write about, Triond will make earning some extra money seem like child's play.

More time with the family

Depending on the amount of money you are making while writing online, you can spend a lot more time with your friends and family. Spending more time with your family is a great thing. All you have to do is spend whatever amount of time you are going to invest into your writing, and then you can continue to enjoy the company of your family. Nothing is more important than family.

If you would like to make that much money in order to be able to go without having a job, you will have to work hard to secure your position. This means that you will have to work at writing a lot more than you originally intended.

Get exposure

Getting exposure may be what every writer really wants to happen. There are quite a few people who gets their start online. Companies post jobs which allows them to point out the best writers, paying them a large sum of cash for projects that they want completed. Use the internet as a way to find a real career in freelance writing.

You may find yourself in a good situation if you utilize your services correctly. There are many programs that you may find jobs from companies looking for freelance writers such as Bukisa, Helium, Donanza, Associated Content, and more. You may find job searching tips to be very helpful as well.

Your writing skills will carry you wherever you want to go. You have to put effort into your writing. Make sure it has minimum to no mistakes in it, so that you will be able to get the attention of the important companies.


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    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 8 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia


      Yes I have. Only $40 for the year I've been their but it can do some good now that other features have been added

    • profile image

      nicolekkat 8 years ago

      I have not tried Triond. Have u personally made money there?

      (if that is too personal then just disregard it) U seem to hhave wonderful writing talents

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 8 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks for this info. I have to say I have been on Triond for some time now and have yet to see any money from my writings there. But I will keep on trying.

      Thnanks again

      Love and peace


    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 8 years ago from Nigeria

      This hub is very informative. Thanks for sharing. I will check some of the sites out.