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Best Alternatives to Adsense 2014

Updated on December 7, 2013

There are 3 reasons you might be looking at the best alternatives to Adsense:

  1. Adsense banned you. This is something they do, without giving you a reason for their actions.
  2. You would like to diversify the income from your website(s). Diversifying your advertising income is critical to protecting your income streams.
  3. You would like to convert your web traffic into more cash.

Regardless of your reason you should find this article very useful.

Before we look at the different alternatives you should understand the main types of ads you can put on your website.

  1. PPC (Pay per Click) Adsense is an example of this. Someone clicks on the ad and you get paid. There is also PPV (Pay per View) PPC's ugly sister.
  2. Affiliate Sales: When a visitor to your site, clicks through an affiliate link and then buys something, you get a commission on the sale.
  3. Leads: This is when a visitor to your site takes some kind of action, which does not result in a sale. You get paid for every visitor who takes the action.

    An example of this would be Netflix. They have a free trial and when users, you send them, sign up for the trial, they pay you.

    Numbers 2 and 3 are sometimes called CPA (Cost per Action).
  4. Reviews: Owners of established sites can be paid to write reviews and link to the product or service's page. This once off payment can be large, if your site is popular and in the right niche.

    Numbers 1 and 2 are used by more website owners, to monetize traffic and 3 and 4 are less frequently used.

The need to experiment

No two websites are alike and for that reason no one combination of ads or ad layout works for all sites. To find the best combination for your website you will need to experiment, both with layout and advertisement type.

Some ad networks need a few days to target their ads. You will need to run an advertisement combination for at least a month, to draw any conclusions.

Chitika ad screen capture
Chitika ad screen capture



Chitika is the closest thing to Adsense out there. If you have been banned by Adsense and need to replace it, Chitika is the program you want.

There are some notable difference between the 2 programs though. Have a look at the Screenshot of a Chitika block on the right. I have circled one of the mini pictures, they have to the left of each link. Having the pictures increases the clicks these ads get.

The whole Chitika ad is clickable. If you look at a similar ad block in Adsense the dark gray text between the purple hyperlinks would not be clickable. This also increases the clickthrough rate.

The system that Chitika and Adsense uses to decide what ads to place on your site is called contextual advertising. They place ads based on the content of a page. Chitika can also place ads based on a search engine search, a visitor ran to get to your page. Tweaking your Chitika account means that your site serves up more relevant ads to your visitors. This is also good for getting more clicks.

Chitika does however have less advertisers, that means the clicks tend to pay somewhat less than Adsense clicks. Chitika has however been closing the gap. Either program may be the most profitable for your website depending on a number of factors.

Many of the larger websites are now using a combination of both Adsense and Chitika ads, on the same page, to monetize their traffic.

Infolinks example
Infolinks example

Infolinks / Kontera

These are the top 2 in-text ad networks. They put the links right into your content, like hyperlinks. When someone scrolls over the link there is a little popup as you can see in the picture.

Many webmasters don't like in-text ads. They feel that it reduces clicks on other ads reducing their overall income. Others have found that their overall income goes up with in-text ads.

In my opinion Infolinks is a better option than Kontera.


Adbrite is similar to Adsense and Chitika, but not as good. It is however handy in monetizing content that the other 2 won't touch, for instance adult content.



Amazon doesn't pay very high percentage commission and they can only convert traffic from the USA. However they do convert that traffic, into sales, very well. With good support and easier conversions, Amazon is the affiliate program I would recommend to those new to affiliate marketing.


Unlike Amazon Clickbank only sells digital products like ebooks and downloadable videos. This means that they can convert traffic from anywhere in the world.

Commission Junction / Pepperjam / Neverblue / MaxBounty

These are all ad networks. They allow smaller sellers to work with publishers through their system.

Of the 4, Commission Junction is the biggest.

I hope you found best alternatives to Adsense 2014 useful.


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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 

      6 years ago from The High Seas

      Good, useful information. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm just starting with these tools so this was helpful.

    • caretakerray profile image

      Ray Van Hoff 

      7 years ago from Michigan U.S.A.


      Considering Adseneses unstable account practices, I'm glad you offer some alternatives. As an internet marketer myself, I couldn't agree with you more and really appreciate your useful info. By the way I agree, affilate marketing beats adsense any time!

      thanx :)

    • jGaunt profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from London

      In my experience affiliate sales blow Adsense out of the water.

    • adsense_tips profile image


      7 years ago from India

      No one is as good as AdSense, and no one will pay you as much as AdSense.

    • Londonlady profile image

      Laura Writes 

      7 years ago

      Hmmm, I had never heard of Chitika, it sounds promising. You get more clicks but less money per click, I guess it's just a balancing act now. Great hub, voted up! :)

    • Andrew0208 profile image


      7 years ago from Zion

      Good alternatives to Adsense, Chitika is most relatively alternative to Adsense in terms of content relevance and earnings, good enough both will comfortably co-exist in your own website.


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