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Best Cheap Ways To Buy College Textbooks and Save Money!

Updated on September 5, 2014

It’s that time of the year again. You get your new schedule, school starts, and classes start rolling in with a whole bunch of paperwork. Paperwork that requires textbooks—expensive textbooks. But you being smart know not to throw away over $1,200.00 on textbooks! You know that there are better, and cheaper solutions to getting your textbooks—you were right and you’ve come to the right place.

Homepage of Affordabook
Homepage of Affordabook | Source

Affordabook is a pretty simple site to use as all it does is check the prices of your books across a whole bunch of different sites to find you the cheapest and best prices overall. So it’s practically just a search engine for college book prices.

Hompage of Campus Books
Hompage of Campus Books | Source

Similar to Affordabook, is also a price comparison website, and works just as hard to find you the cheapest prices available. A lot more of my friends have used as opposed to Affordabook (though they both practically do the same job), and say that it saved a heck of a lot more money than just buying their books at a Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Others to mention:

Homepage of Chegg
Homepage of Chegg | Source

More About Chegg!

Chegg Extras:

Other than you can check out for great coupon codes on Chegg. Like getting 10% off 3+ books as well as free shipping with coupon code: OKVU9HK2 (expires September 30th).

More bonuses:

Save up to 90% off and free shipping on orders $55.00+ with coupon code: CHEGGFREESHIP (expires September 6th).

If you’d like to buy your textbooks directly from one site at a cheap price rather than signing up for a series of sites than you might want to try out Chegg. For me Chegg has always been old reliable for my cheap textbook solutions, and always came on time. So for a one site solution to your textbook problems, go to Chegg.

Right now Chegg is currently having a 90% discount on used textbooks, so if you’re looking to save a lot more money—and don’t mind not having that fresh new book smell—this can be an option. There is also an 80% off textbook rentals promotion going on so, that’s even more reason to pay Chegg a visit.

If you want to get even more deals on your Chegg books you can get even more discounts if you check out sites like Groupon for your coupons (see what I did there? No, no. It’s okay).

At you can buy or rent your textbooks as well as sell them. You can rent used or new textbooks at low prices (if used you might find a few highlights and notes in them), and as a bonus starting from now up to September 30th you can get free shipping on textbook orders over $25.00.

You can also save up to 90% on used and new textbooks!

Bookbyte Homepage
Bookbyte Homepage | Source


Bookbyte Extras:

At Bookbyte you can currently get 7% off rentals and sales as well as a 7% buyback bonus (expires on September 7th). Coupon Code: bbrmn7

You also get free shipping on orders over $49.00!

For more coupons, discounts, and deals you can simply visit, Goodsearch or Groupon (or you know, be slick and just Google Bookbyte coupons).

Bookbyte allows students to buy, rent and sell their textbooks. It also offers cheaper prices, and discounts as compared to standard textbook marketplaces. What I like best about Bookbyte though is their awesome customer service, and the speedy delivery.


If all fails, there’s always Amazon. At Amazon you can currently save up to 40% on new textbooks, 80% on rentals, and up to 90% on used textbooks. A lot of college students (and people in general) feel a bit safer using Amazon as opposed to other textbook services, and that’s completely okay. There’s nothing wrong with using Amazon to save money on your textbooks. Amazon offers reasonable prices too—as well as discounts! Also with Amazon’s current promotion of its free six months of Amazon Prime for College students, you can get free 2 day shipping on your textbooks (yay!).


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