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Best Companies To Invest in 2015 - Top Listed

Updated on February 3, 2015

Choosing The Companies To Invest in 2015

The compilation of Best Companies To Invest in 2015 and reap immense profit with no time is projected in this article.As the world is climbing back from the recession, the economy is achieving stunning pace in growth-rate. During the dip time the buzz was to invest at that time and reap the benefit when the economy is back to normal. Now it seems that we will be having a greater growth in the years to come and investing in stock will provide huge profit.Undoubtedly, gold,banking and automobile sectors are the hottest investments now. Today, 'investment' seems to be a solid part of every-one's life. Even young people are very eager to find investing as smart means of securing their future.

Expert Tip On Investing Early: If you invest 7,000$ a year at 8% interest from the time when you are 40 years old, you get 37,850$ when you retire at 60. But if you started investing 7,000$ a year at age 25, they you would have 1,40,000$ although you've invested just 24,000$ - only 10,500$ more than someone who started at 40.

Investing Early Reaps Greater Benefits
Investing Early Reaps Greater Benefits

Best Companies To Invest in 2015

TRW Automotive Holdings
Automotive industry is regarded as the most profitable business in the world after weapons industry. And is not expected to come down anytime soon. The massive sell-outs of auto motive parts have boosts this company to provide the highest share to its investors.
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 563.3%

This is yet another auto-parts maker. Right now they work on expanding their business and developing new devices for the latest need.
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 501.0%

This department-store chain have achieved good growth by taking strategic stance by cutting expense during the recession period.
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 374.1%

Tenet Healthcare
This is a company which combated from near-death situation and reached the top. The company is still leveraged and has a reduced the debt to very low level over the years.
Previous Years' total shareholder return:368.7%

Advanced Micro Devices
The monopoly of Intel on microchips gave a heads-up for this less-expensive competitor. As most of the people are getting aware that another company like Intel exists they prefer their computer to have AMD chips rather than Intel.
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 348.1%

Investment Is The Key To More Money
Investment Is The Key To More Money

New Investors Count 2015

Are You Planning to Invest In Stocks For The First Time?

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This is an information services and technology provider who initiated several cost-cutting programmes to improve their profit. This is expected to continue in 2011,
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 353.6%

Ford Motor
Ford is one of the best companies to invest in 2011 as their market shares growth rate have reached and inevitable momentum.The revamped set of Focus and Taurus cars promise a good return for the investors.
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 336.7%

This Wisconsin company was able to get a multi-billion-dollar contracts to supply logistics to Other countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.The 'oshkosh' company is an 'ironical' inclusion and not advised to be invested in as Obama have implemented military cutbacks and there is not much activities going to happen in those countries anymore.
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 322.3%

Health Management Associates

Health Management Associates have been successfully operating for the past 30 years in the southeast and southwest areas of non-urban America and one of the best acute care hospitals. In this duration they have grown to over 71 hospitals in 15 states with approximately 10,300 licensed beds and more than 40,500 dedicated Associates. They have excellent growth prospectus and is a good company listed among the Fortune 500 that you can invest without doubting.
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 306.1%


Sanmina-SCI are world's leading manufacturers (with revenue totaling USD $6.6 billion for fiscal year 2011) of complex electronic and mechanical machines. What sets them apart is the vast end-to-end supply chain they possess unlike other electronic manufacturers. This helps them to serve their clients world wide and also support rapid expansion. They have operations in 4 continents and 18 countries. There are approximately 45, 000 employees working for them worldwide.
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 291.1%

Micron Technology

Micron Technology is an innovative company which globally tides the fore-front of semiconductor and memory-device manufacturing. They are one of the most prolific patent holders in the arena and have made their mark in evolving with time, recasting solution with the demand of technology. You can find a memory-device component from Micron in most of the Servers, Networks, Tablets, Ultrabooks and Mobiles.
Previous Years' total shareholder return: 300.0%


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    • profile image

      Linda Stuart 

      5 years ago

      Dear Sir / Madam

      Can you sell me the list of people who have applied to you for investments or investment information and who have not gone on to do any business with you?

      Alternatively can you tell me where I can purchase a list of people who have had investments or have financial investments of any kind.


      Linda Stuart

      PS UK only

      Rosemount Financial Enterprises


      Tel: 08444 820 499 or 0161 476 6679

      Suite 9E

      St. Christopher House

      217 Wellington Road South


      SK2 6NG

    • profile image

      Benjamin Chege 

      5 years ago

      Good read. Thumbs up:)

    • psbhatt profile image


      6 years ago from HYDERABAD

      awesome hub done with lots of research.

    • tipsforlife profile image


      7 years ago from new york

      Nice hub. I just made a hub about companies to invest in as well, including a review of Ford. I think Ford will definitely outperform as well!

    • profile image

      Alez 435 

      7 years ago

      Try they are looking for investment too

    • sidds123450 profile image


      7 years ago

      Do you have such Hub on Large-caps as well?

    • AllSuretyBonds profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Hub. You have a great list here. Here are some other good companies to invest in:

      Mosaic Inc.


      AK Steel Holding Corporation

      Apple Inc.


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