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Best Etsy Finds of 2015

Updated on July 17, 2015
Hey y'all! Getting on Etsy just to find something cute can be a little, well, overwhelming. So, I've taken the time to do it for you! From 
finding great reliable shops to the great products they make.
I have tried to find a few things from several categories! I've found items from jewelry, kitchen items and baby items today! If there is 
anything you would like for me to "research" for you, I am more than 
willing, just ask! (;

P.s I am not endorsed to say any of the below, totally all my thoughts 
and opinions!

Blue and Gold

This bangin' nautical rope bracelet by Folirin.

It's so adorable, I saw it and melted. Melted as in M, I need one with an M!

This bracelet is up for grabs at the price of $20.50! 
That may sound a little steep for a bracelet, but you've got to remember that these items are handmade and personalized just for you on top of that!

A quotation from Folirin:
Rope bracelet Personalized Bracelet Blue Gold Nautical bracelet personalized jewelry bridal wedding bridesmaid gift silk cord bracelet knot. Materials: Silk cord and a gold plated disk.


Pink and Gold

These earrings are SO ADORABLE <3

Okay, now that I got my little school girl "<3" out, let me just tell you! I'm looking out for y'all, I'm trying to find the good deals & the even better quality items! These earrings are from a seller that has over a thousand reviews and is rated at 4.5 stars!

Here is the description that LimonBijoux offers:
"Bridesmaid Gift Jewelry SALE Confettti Peach Coral Earrings Dangle Earrings Bridesmaid Bridal Jewelry Drop Earrings Wedding Jewelry!"
" handmade item, Materials: 16k gold vermeil, cut glass, Ships worldwide from Grand Rapids, Michigan"

This doesn't HAVE to come with the quotation given in the picture, it CAN be personalized, just ask! These earrings come in at a pretty little $22.00! There was another pair of earrings that was similar and they also came with a necklace, but the cost was double & made by a different seller. 


For the photographer in you

I LOVE THESE for that photographer you know, or maybe even the aspiring 
photographer! They are super cute & can be dressed up to be super chic. I just think that they are so darn cute. 

Plus, my future SIL is the aspiring photographer so you could say I have a biased opinion. She wears the cutest stuff and I could totally see her LOVING these! These earrings are only $14.95! That really isn't bad at all for this!
Description from ThePendantGarden:
CAMERA LENS EARRINGS Camera Jewelry Photographer Gift Photographer Earrings Vintage Graflex Lens 16mm Dangle Earrings Camera Lens Jewelry. Handmade item, Materials: glass cabachon, printed art, silver plate clip back pierced earring tray. Made to order,
Ships worldwide from Sedona, Arizona.

ThePendantGarden has over 1500 reviews and also has FIVE stars. That's AWESOME! Can I underline awesome twice? No? Darn, okay.

Stay Golden

Don't hate me y'all! I am a gold fanatic lately, I don't know why! I used to HATE the gold look and I refused to wear it. I would ONLY wear silver. Now, I'm quite the other way around. I suppose that is part of growing up, things change! I particularly like rose gold, but I am hesitant to buy it (it fades). 

Anyways! Let me get to the point! I love this bracelet, not because of what it says really. I feel "you are my sunshine" is so over used and worn out now days, mainly because it's on every mother-daughter foot tattoo EVER. I love it because it's gold and just sleek. I love the curve and that it's not a bangle. 

Here is the description that can be found on PinkLemonDesign's easy page: You Are My Sunshine Jewelry - Nu Gold Cuff - Personalized Bracelet - Hand Stamped Jewelry - You Are My Sunshine Bracelet - PinkLemonDesign. Ships world wide from St. Augustine Florida. 

This cuff can be purchased for $26.00! You can select to have a polished or brushed finish and a natural or oxidized coloring!

Now that I have shown y'all bracelets and earrings, maybe it is time to move on from jewelry. Let's get into something for the girly girl who 
has grown up from the typical teenager, something Chic.

Hot Mess in a Dress

I really like tea cups. I want to start a collection of all varieties. 
Just every different type you can find. All cute and fancy. Maybe have a 
succulent garden in them. That is, if I ever have enough room for them. 

This Etsy seller, VelvetCrownDesign does not have as many reviews as the last few I have listed. I believe she still has a significant amount, though. Over 200 reviews and has a five star rating!

For $22.50 "You'll receive (1) purple rose floral cup with "Hot Mess" written 
in black ink along with (1) matching saucer (without writing)." 
VelvetCrownDesign, gives a description "Floral "HOT MESS" Tea cup & Saucer - Cheeky 
tea cup, funny coffee cup, calligraphy mug"

***If you want words on your saucer it will be $24.50


Handmade Wooden Measuring Spoon

This is awesome! People make these kitchen utensils and they are awesome! 
KitchenCarvings has a great variety of items and I want them all! You may 
think it's crazy to  pay $26.00 for this spoon and what not, but, there are
others that I love for $40.00! It's al about your preference! 

Check out their spoons and other utensil they have because they look GREAT & 
sturdy! They better be sturdy; because I can get some cheap-o one's for $1 26 times before I buy several of those! Ha! But, with the amount of reviews they have, I think they are probably the most amazing utensils, EVA.

A description from KitchenCarvings: "Wooden measuring spoon kitchen utensil double ended Tablespoon and Teaspoon measure of English Walnut wood". They have over two-thousand reviews and a beautiful five stars.


Rolling in the Deep

This beautiful wooden rolling pin is simply, ahhh. Need I say more? Okay, Let me explain. CattailsWoodwork is FANTASTIC.

There are so many styles of rolling pins and other items, also. 
I choose this particular rolling pin because, I believe it is so beautiful. 
The handles are perfectly formed and the wood is so rich in color. I just love love love it. 

A description of this item from CattailsWoodwork:
"I get quite a few requests for a shorter pin from many home chefs and bakers. These are turned from beautiful claro walnut, off cuts from a company that manufactures gun stocks, just too beautiful to waste, I had to buy it, I knew I could find something to use it for.
Sweet beehive turnings on each end, it is lovely to hold and use. A wonderful gift for the baker in your life.
16 inches long x 2.5 inch diameter"

This shop has 770 reviews and is a five star rating through and through. This particular rolling pin is priced at $55.31.


Baby Moccasins

Okay, Can you get enough of these because I CAN'T! Can you say, "fashion 
forward? Matches basically everything. CUTE CUTE CUTE!"

Because that's all I can think.

These baby Moccasins are made of distressed caramel leather by the Etsy shop
Ullaviggo. YAS. They are prices at $29.24. Honestly, that's not bad. Go to 
your local store and see if you can find any that you love as much as these 
for cheaper! Try it! Not to mention, this shop has 338 reviews and a five star rating! whoop whoop! I love trustworthy shops!


Full of Hot Air

Well, I feel that I have shown things that where mostly fair priced. So, now, allow me to show you something I want, but will never have because it's 
ridiculous to pay $187.00+ for a mobile in my child's nursery. 

A pastel baby mobile hot air balloon by SunShineandVodka.
While, obviously, a lot of people can do this because the shop has 448 reviews and they are totally 5 star y'all! 

Here is a description from the lovely Sunshineandvodka:
"This is a made to order baby mobile in pastels. Mint, Aqua, Pink, Yellow and Blush. The photos show 4 hot air balloons floating under two puffy clouds. The clouds can be personalized with the baby's name and birthday. You will receive a post card with your package to return at your convenience. All mobile options include two clouds and the bunting flags across the top."

Ahh, I'm so in love.



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