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Free Movies

Updated on December 27, 2011

I love going out to see movies - wide screen, stereo sound, a tub of popcorn and a good movie. Does it get any better? But with a family of 6 - it's about $70 to take in a show so I've found some creative ways to score free movies. Here are five of my favorite ways to see free movies.

Method 1 - Once a year, Cinexplex Odeon has a free movie day. You can find out about the free movie day at Last year we watched Yogi Bear 3D. On free movie day all the movies are free and the money made from the concession stand goes to help sick kids.

Method 2 - Cineplex Scene is another way to get free movies. It's Cineplex-Odeon's reward points program. You can earn free movies fast. Plus you get 250 points just for signing up. You just need to visit and click on the "scene" icon. You'll get 100 points for each movie you watch. And if you like to munch at the flicks - you'll like saving 10% off on anything you buy at the concession stand. Wait there's more. You also get emailed exclusive contests and special offers.

Method 3 General Mills Cereal boxes with special promotions offering free movie passes. With 4 kids we go through a ton of cereal. Keep an out for special promotions - General Mills boxes with a a Cineplex Odeon pass featured on the front of the box.

Method 4 - Collect Coke reward points. Coke bottle lids and cases have a code that can be entered (or in the US). The points can then be used for free movie passes at Odeon. If your school or church is having a bottle drive - you can make a lot of points quickly.

Method 5 - Do your kids help out at the school library, volunteer at the community centre and local church. Often the minister, librarian or youth coordinator wants to reward the kids in some way. You can suggest they give free movie passes as a way to acknowledge their contribution.


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